Business: 3 Myths about Cold Sales 


We often hear a lot of opinions about cold emailing or cold calling. And those opinions are very diverse. Some are in favor of it, others are absolutely against it. Business expert Angelo Vero is a fan of cold calling and in today’s blog, he zooms in on 3 myths about cold sales. 

1. Cold e-mailing or cold calling is a lot of work

It’s true that cold emailing or cold calling is a lot of work. But therefore no more so than any other form of prospecting or sales, except when customers just wash up. Finding, convincing and winning over customers is a task that requires a lot of steps. Fortunately, you can simplify and even automate some of those steps. During some of my trainings I teach my students how to set up an automation to convince customers faster. Do you want this too? Then you can register here for the next training.

2. Cold sales gets you very little results

Cold calling can be profitable or unprofitable and that really depends on you. If you have a lot of time and energy to find and convince customers, you can get a lot out of it. To find out how much result you can achieve with your efforts, it is best to calculate your personal success ratio. This is the average of the results minus the effort within a certain period. You can use this figure to calculate how many potential customers you need to address in order to achieve a certain target. 

3.  Clients hate cold calling / e-mailing

We often hear that customers don’t like to be contacted just like that. And while that is often the case in B2C, it is actually much less noticeable in B2B. A lot of companies often don’t have the time to go looking for novelties. And believe me when your offer is perfectly tuned, or reaches the right customer at the right time, there is a lot of business opportunity for you. Cold calling is mainly about the preliminary research. You need to gather enough information about your potential customer before you contact him. In this way you can fine tune your conversation and there is a good chance that you will land a nice deal. 

So before you go along with the negativity that you sometimes hear about cold emailing or cold calling, realize that there are huge opportunities for you as well. Because if everyone thinks it doesn’t work, then there’s probably my competition you’re up against. Preparation is key and if you want to know how to be prepared for your next sales round and get more and better deals, sign up now for my Sales Generator from 23 to 27 May.

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO

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