Birthday parties for your kid in times of corona


Now that we are almost at the end of the lockdown due to corona and hear that the measures still have to be respected, there are more and more events that are being postponed. Engaged couples face the choice: marry in intimate circle or later the year? Also communion celebrations for children have been postponed till September and even summer festivals are cancelled.

Health is paramount, absolutely. But there’s one day we can’t just postpone. Because if your baby has a birthday in corona times, what do you say? Sorry kiddo, we’re postponing your birthday for a few months? It doesn’t work that way. Okay, your plan to have a great birthday party may fall apart, but nothing’s gonna stop you making it a great party after all.

A birthday is nature’s way of telling us to eat cake. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, social distance is incredibly important. Inviting your family and friends is therefore anything but a good idea. But when your baby’s birthday comes around, this deserves a great party, don’t you think? A party without friends, without family, is that worth it? It may not be what you had in mind, but let’s not let that great birthday pass us by. Your baby was born on that day, so it needs to be celebrated. And as we always say, we have two options in these times: see and complain or make the best of the situation. I’m gonna go with option two, are you?

So today Stephanie shares with you the ingredients for a successful virtual birthday party in quarantine.

Let’s do this!

Save the date

Our first task is, as in ordinary life, to pick a date and time. If you want to reach family and friends, it is best to take into account the day and time of the birthday party. If you organize a party on a normal weekday, it is normal that many people are unable to attend. Also in times of corona this is normal. Therefore choose a day and time that you know you can reach most people. Like for example a Saturday? 

Life is good, especially on your birthday party! 

Make nice invitations and choose the platform on which you invite family and friends. Zoom, Skype, … Nowadays there are a lot of platforms where you can video chat with multiple people at the same time. Note that the platform is easy to use if you, for example, want to integrate grandma and grandpa in this event. Go over the platform with them beforehand so that they are ready on the day of the party, to participate without any problems.

For Annabel’s birthday party we receive about forty people, maybe not really ideal to put them all in one video chat. An option could also be to arrange different times so that you can work with a rotation, as it were. You can then plan this throughout the day so that the birthday party certainly does not fall silent.


Dress to impress

Clothing and decoration make the party. Like every year we always choose a dress code for Annabels party. Last year we gave a ‘2 wild for you’ party where everyone was dressed up in the theme of jungle. Butterflies, lions, zebras and even elephants gave Annabel the time of her life. So don’t delete that dress code this year. People have a lot more time to think about it, work on their costumes and it might give them something nice to wear? I’m sure your baby will be honored to see all these crazy family members on camera who look great.

Decorate your living room or garden, because what is a birthday party without garlands and balloons?! But also ask the family members to dress up their background a bit cheerfully. This will make the whole thing more festive and will ensure that this party is something where you all are.

Today’s biggest goal is still to make your child feel important. Looking for ideas? Check out the article on that tells you all about organizing a fun and stylish birthday party.

A little extra thanks to Elsa or Spiderman

My daughter is totally under the spell of Elsa from Frozen when she’s never seen the movie. Although I have no idea where this sudden adoration comes from, I do know that she would love to meet her. Now that Disneyland is closed (and this saved me a lot of money) can we just bring Elsa to our home? Virtually anyway… 

Nowadays there are a number of services that bring your child’s favourite character to life through video messages. For example, there are Happy Kids Entertainers. If your child is a princess fan, you can choose between Elsa, Belle or Ariel. For the boys you also have Spiderman! Contact them and discuss your wishes, so you will receive a virtual birthday message on your child’s birthday. Without a doubt the highlight of the day for your kiddo!

If you’d rather save money, go ahead and do it yourself! There is definitely someone from your acquaintances with a costume that can make such a message easy!  

Let your child select the menu

When I ask Annabel what she would like to eat at her party, I get the answer: ‘ice creams’ anyway. Let your child determine the dream menu and go for it. Chances are it’s all sweets on the menu, but hey: your birthday is only once in a year, isn’t it?!

Birthday cake calories don’t count. 

Don’t forget the cake, because on a birthday you’re supposed to blow out candles. Maybe make the cake together, is that still a fun activity in these times? 

Cake pops I would avoid, why? You can read that in one of my columns.

Give me the presents

Claiming you can’t give presents during this birthday is bullshit. Family and friends often feel guilty for not being able to give this and okay then it’s not personal, there are certainly solutions for this. Discuss with them that you can pick up presents (taking into account social distance). Stick a photo of the person who bought the gift on each gift. This way your child can unpack the gifts and virtually thank the person who gave them. Thanks to the video chat, the person can also see your child’s reaction. 

Being related to me is really the only gift you need. 

Toyshops may be closed, but many shops deliver to your home during this period. So there is no excuse for not being able to give a present to the birthdaykiddo. Same goes for birthday cards. The mail still works so let family and friends send a card. Keep these so your baby can open them all on his birthday.


Listen to your child’s wishes

A virtual birthday party can be fun, but it doesn’t take hours. Listen to what your baby wants to do today. Watch a movie? Play outside? Go cycling together? It’s his day, so make his wishes come true. You’d be surprised how creative their answer can be.

But most of all, enjoy and be proud, because this little creature came out of you a few years ago. Literally and figuratively, then. I’ve had three more consultations where I can assure you that stitching without anaesthesia is no fun down there. But that does not alter the fact that it is the most beautiful day of my life, which I celebrate every year with pleasure and gratitude. Even in times of COVID-19. 

And since I’ll be the birthday queen myself in exactly six days, I should start organizing my virtual birthday party. Wish me luck!

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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