Birthday gifts during quarantine


In these crazy times, it’s not always easy to celebrate the birthday of a beloved one. At Blogzine we’ve put together some great ideas to show the birthday girl/boy that you’re thinking about them during their special day.

Birthday cake calories don’t count

1. Say it with a flower

Who wouldn’t like to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers? With you can have fresh handmade bouquets delivered directly to one’s doorstep. Do you prefer something more creative and original? Then you should choose the flowergram that contains beautiful dried flowers that you can display in the included wooden stage.


Gift bouquet: €34.95.

Flowergram: €22,95

2. Jewellery always fits

My Jewellery has an amazing range of all kinds of beautiful  jewelry, where certainly something will charm your heart. If you can’t chose between all the nice jewelry, you can always go for one of their gift boxes. Currently they have a special gift set collection: ‘The home gift set’ and ‘The DIY gift set’.

This way you can personalize the gift towards the lucky girl/boy. Would you like to make it clear that you really like to see the birthday boy? Then ‘The I love you giftbox’ is the one.


The home giftset: €24,95

The DIY giftset: €24,95

The I love you giftbox: €29,95

3. Balloons are always a good idea

Of course we don’t mean the average basic balloons you find in every shop, but really big, beautiful, balloons. On the internet you can find a whole range of foil balloons filled with helium in all kinds of shapes and colors with nice texts that you can have delivered to the chosen address. If you want to make sure that the balloons arrive on time and in one piece, then be sure to contact Snuffels. They will be happy to turn your fantastic ideas into reality and deliver them personally. 

4. Chocolates for the sweet tooth

In these times it is sometimes difficult to get hold of a good box of chocolates, luckily Leonidas has our back. Through their official online shop you can order all kinds of goodies going from the regular boxes of chocolates to large colorful gift baskets. If you ask us, this is a big winner. 


Box of chocolates: from €7,15 to €28,60

Colorful gift basket: €56,-

5. Give something personal

One of the nicest gifts to get is something that comes straight from the heart. That’s why it’s sometimes a good idea to let your creativity run wild and put something together yourself. A photo collage in the shape of the birthday boy or girls ages is a good start, you can send it by post and personalize it according to your own wishes. This way you can be sure that you have an original gift that will certainly please them. 

This article has been written by @JULIE ROSSEEL

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