Biofase, the first biodegradable straws

February isn’t only the month where we focus on Tournée Minerale, a month where we avoid drinking alcohol, but we also focus on everything around “love”. And no, Valentine’s Day isn’t particularly the focus point as love for our planet is very important as well!

Let’s be honest, when you go to a bar and order a drink, do you stand still by the detail if it’s served with a plastic straw or another alternative? Will you still drink from the straw if you knew the plastic is so harmful for our environment? At we are aware of the impact of plastic on our ecosystems and we want our readers to discover the best solutions to help to make this world a better place.

We all know that oil-based plastics end in our landfills, rivers and oceans. Let’s do something about it! – Biofase

Therefore we’re introducing you to Biofase, the first company to ever manufacture plastic from agro-industrial waste. How? By using avocado pits! Yes, we already knew that the avocado is a magical and delicious fruit. But next to offering enormous amounts of nutritions that benefit our health, it has also a secret that can save our planet from plastic contamination! Biofase is no longer keeping this fact a secret and discovered the molecule that is necessary to create bio-based plastic. And what would we otherwise do with these pits, right? We throw them away anyways and only enjoy the fruit itself (Blogzine is guilty too!). But that’s history with Biofase! Agro-waste becomes the solution for saving our planet from plastic. Let us tell you more…

From 2021 onwards, the production of many disposable plastic products in the European Union will be restricted. However Biofase did not want to wait that long and takes his responsibility very strictly. And as we’re not here to tell you how are oceans are contaminated with plastic and how much waste we have (because we all DO KNOW!), we are focusing on the solution they’re offering!

As mentioned above, their biodegradable straws are an innovation when it comes to helping our environment at it founds its origin in Mexico, where the world’s largest avocado cultivation takes place. Think about guacamole as well when while we’re talking about avocado’s. And did you even know that Mexico is responsible for 45% of the global avocado market? These numbers don’t lie! Unfortunately those of our plastic waste neither.

Unfortunately we also need to be aware that the production of avocados in itself isn’t always environmentally friendly either. It causes part of the Latin American deforestation and that’s exactly why we all need to recycle as much of the fruit as possible. And yes, that’s why Biofase uses the pits that we throw away! Thanks to their own developed patented technology they transform it into a solid food material that is even stronger than the plastic alternatives you’re used to have in cutlery or straws! And let’s be honest: the fact that they’re even stronger is super important as no one likes to have a paper straw that breaks down after being in your drink for a while. Neither the pasta-version or the bamboo straws as they aren’t easy to clean and you might risk losing time in order to keep them perfectly clean. Think about the restaurants or bars… How much time would they loose trying to keep them clean? And last but not least: the Biofase straws are much cheaper than their glass, copper or metallic alternatives.


But now you might wonder what happens if we throw these straws away? Don’t worry! It’s as easy as one, two, three. If you, for example, put them in the ground, they will decompose completely naturally and without any treatment within a year. Sixty percent of them even within 240 days! The fact that they contain also 60% less harmful substances than plastics derived from petroleum is very important for them. After all, the goal is clear: to help create a more liveable, beautiful world that can offer a better future for us and our children. Not because we want to, but because we have to!

Good to know: next to straws, Biofase also created cutlery (spoons, forks and knives) which are biodegradable as well and their products are all available for horeca and retailers on


So now that we know what can be the perfect solution to plastic waste, it’s time to wake up, take action and to change the world. If we would already start by drinking our cocktail with a Biofase straw, the world would be a happy place. Cheers to Tournée Minerale & cheers to Biofase for offering an eco-friendly solution. We love you and so does our planet!

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