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Helping people and companies is what we love to do with Blogzine. And when we hear stories of other people helping others, that makes us very happy. Today you can read the story of Julie on the penultimate day of the Belgian Top 21.

More and more people are experiencing issues of depression and stress throughout their careers and private lives. In some cases, the wrong job or too much stress leads to a burn out. Also, more and more bore outs are popping up. This is when a person loses passion and interest for the job and thus becomes literally bored at work.

Julie recognizes the signs inherent in these disorders. She works in Human Resources for 11years now and is a certified Confidential Advisor. As a confidante, she is the direct contact in difficult and sensitive issues. When a staff member cannot immediately go to management with his or her concerns, they come to her.

Even though my job is very tough and emotionally charged, I get a lot of energy from helping people.

People find their way to Julie very easily. This is mainly because she is a very approachable person. She can very quickly make people feel at ease, no matter what the situation is.

Mind and body

Despite her passion for helping people, Julie went through burnout herself. Her body said at some point that enough was enough. She needed time for herself.

“I detested sports all my life and now I can’t live without it”

Julie has never been interested in sports. Not even in walking. And yet during this difficult period she started exercising and immediately it was the only thing she felt like doing. It energized her body instead of draining its energy. Even when she went back to work and quitting seemed tempting she persisted. Because it had helped her so fiercely, she wanted to use her story and her experience to help others. That’s why she started offering online sports training for women.

“I actively participate in the trainings too. People see me sweat and ‘suffer’ as well, we train and grow together. That’s what makes it more real and accessible.”

So twice a week you can join an online sports session in group. The sessions are mainly aimed at women, because as a woman Julie can speak more from her own experience and give tips.

Time For You

According to Julie, we have forgotten that we ourselves are number one and too often we put our own needs aside. Since this year she offers coaching in which she works very practically. Her focus is on inner strength. Through her techniques and methods she teaches you to identify your talents and strengths. The solutions she finds come from within you. Because when you are mentally ready to take the right steps, only then will you go in the right direction, according to her.

“I make time for you, to teach you how to make time for yourself again.”

The practical coaching sessions are also suitable for children. Because they often have a very difficult time. Here she starts from the principle: “What was I in need of as a child?”.

Julie hopes that one day Time For You Consulting will grow and spread all over Flanders. She would love to have more coaches like her in the company who help people from their own passion. And that together with all these coaches she can reach out a helping hand too many other people.

We are looking forward to it and hope that day will definitely come. We wish Julie all the best! Tomorrow we will be here again with a great story about entrepreneurs, during the last day of the Belgian Top 21.

This article has been written in collaboration with Time For You Consulting

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