Belgian Top 21: The Perfect Lipgloss at RLW Cosmetics

Credits: RLW Cosmetics

Blogzine loves entrepreneurs with a passion for their business. On the occasion of the Belgian holiday on the 21st of July, we are putting a different company or entrepreneur in the spotlight every day this month. We are starting the Belgian Top 21 with RLW Cosmetics.

Building their own future

In charge of RLW, Rebuilt Luxury World are four young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs: Rachel, Eunice, Hajar and Agnes. All four are passionate about cosmetics and had a common dream to start their own business. Their motivation comes from the fact that they did not receive much from home and therefore want to work hard to build a better future for themselves. Their own luxurious future.

And so they came to self-employment. Because it offers freedom and opportunity. Preferably they wanted a business focused on a product or service that they themselves use. The choice fell on lip gloss, because they can’t live without it. They started their search for the perfect lip gloss last year and launched their webshop this year.

A look is not complete without lip gloss. A gloss accentuates the lips.

10 different colours

On their webshop you can find vegan lip glosses in 10 different colours. The lip gloss of RLW has a plumping effect. This makes your lips look fuller. The texture is very soft and thick, but not sticky. The lip gloss is also suitable for sensitive lips.

“RLW Cosmetics is beauty for everyone. Your beauty, Your way.”

Everyone can wear the RLW gloss and most colours such as Nude Pink are also suitable for everyone. Agnes likes Beige the most because it lights up her darker skin tone. For Hajar it’s all about Classic Nude, whereas Eunice and Rachel like It’s Sheer and Crystal the most.

When wearing a lip gloss, it is best to put on a lipliner in a similar color first. This will ensure that your lip gloss stays on and looks very natural. A darker shade of lip liner and a lighter shade of gloss together, that creates an ombre effect.

The lipglosses are available on for €9.95.

Future plans

RLW Cosmetics would like to grow into its own store. A store where everyone can find makeup regardless of their skin color or style. They want to expand to lipliner and lipsticks. And ideally they would like to include foundations for every skin.

Making their own world more beautiful and at the same time making others more beautiful, that is the mission of RLW Cosmetics. And we are fans! We wish them every success! Tomorrow we will be back with a new story at the Belgian top 21.

This article has been written in collaboration with RLW Cosmetics

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