Belgian Top 21: The Entrepreneurial duo of the Blogzine Academy


The Belgian Top 21 would not be complete, without the story of our own founders, Cindy and Angelo. This is the story of their entrepreneurial journey together.

Cindy met Angelo 12 years ago when she was still a blogger only, through of a project for one of Angelo’s clients. Since then the duo has worked together inseparably. Creativity, but above all perseverance and adaptability characterize them.

Not everyone might collaborate the way we do,

but for us it just works.

In a short period of time, both entrepreneurs had to show that they can move quickly, because when the tourism market collapsed due to covid, there was no place for travel bloggers. Fortunately, thanks to their different skills and experience with other projects, they were able to respond quickly. Also by joining forces they were able to offer a better customized solution, a one- stop shop for marketing and content creation, linked to a digital magazine and their own social media channels.

Helping other entrepreneurs

Right from the start of Blogzine (the online magazine launched in 2018 just before the first lockdown) Cindy and Angelo wanted to focus on the Belgian market. Their mission is to strengthen the digital position of Belgian brands. By combining strong content creation skills, with marketing and sales knowledge, they have already managed to boost over 200 companies in record time.

“Not every customer has a big budget to outsource things,

but if they want to learn it themselves,

we can help them do that.”

Since February this year, they have been setting up the Blogzine Academy to give companies the chance to learn the necessary skills themselves. At the moment there are already twenty members who receive personal coaching on a monthly basis, can follow a Masterclass every two weeks and get loads of inspiration, tips and challenges throughout the week.

Follow that dream

Both are entrepreneurs at heart, but with an incredibly, unique take on entrepreneurship. Away from the rat race to more and better, but with a focus on quality of life and enjoyment. Besides wanting to help and improve customers’ digital skills, Cindy and Angelo have another great passion in common: travel. Already since 2018 you can follow on their social media the most beautiful travel reports and behind the scenes of their adventures.

“We knew for some time that we would leave Belgium at some point,

it was just a question of when.”

In May this year, they made the biggest decision yet: an endless trip to the Dominican Republic. So as of now, you can best describe them as two digital nomads on a very long working vacation. They work from there and schedule all digital training and personal coaching sessions with Academy members via zoom calls.

Occasionally they throw in gifts, as they are now gifting one member a five-day business bootcamp in the Dominican Republic. So one more reason to become a member! Visit the Blogzine Academy website for more informations.

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This article has been written in collaboration with the Blogzine Academy

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