Belgian Top 21: The creative hands of Maxime Thys


Today we are here again with the story of a Belgian entrepreneur, on day 8 of our Belgian Top 21. This time we bring you the story of the creative hands (and faces) of Maxime Thys.

At school they said I was a factory because I was always making things with my hands.

Maxime Thys launched her very first official collection just now. In the past year, she rolled into the story as an entrepreneur because she was sitting at home due to covid. A creative by training, she is no stranger to making things. She hates doing nothing. In school she was constantly working with her hands.

Some of her creative ideas are faces that she hung on the wall at home. During the lockdown, she started experimenting with embroidering those faces. To her surprise, these looked really cool, so Maxime decided she wanted to sell them. She immediately started her business and got to work.

“I hate to see anyone wearing the same thing as me,

which is why I like to make my own clothes.”

Maxime loves clothes and even more the making of clothes. Especially because it gives someone an identity, she feels. It immediately says something about someone if they wear lots of colors and prints, or preferably lots of black. At school she always had to wear a unifrom and she hated that. Now she makes her own clothes so that no one wears the same.

Not only faces, but also quotes can be found on Maxime’s clothing. The so-called Quotees contain personal sayings, with which she mainly wants to start a conversation about wonders, disappointments, dislikes and much more. Characteristic of Maxime and her collections is the humorous way she addresses these issues.

First collection

Until recently Maxime dropped items every week whe she had finished working on them. But that is all in the past now, because as of today you can find a real collection, with it’s own theme and colour scheme. It’s a limited first collection, but a diverse range in different sizes, prints, and items (t-shirts, pants, sweaters,…).

“Before I worked on things and launched them right away. For the new collection,

I thought about colors and a theme.”

Maxime consciously chose to create a real collection so she has more time to spend on her business, thinking of new collections and creating content for social media. But the biggest reason is that sometimes it could take a long time for someone to get their custom made piece. So now she can ship much faster.

In the new collection, the “Juli(e) collection“, you’ll find mostly things that Maxime associates with summer: fun colours and prints. The pieces are all available separately. You can also combine them together and buy them as a set.

International dreams

Currently, Maxime embroiders her faces on garments she buys through a supplier. So in time, she hopes to be able to design and make her own pieces entirely. In addition, she would really like her pieces to be sold by multiple stores and also in other countries.

For now she wants to focus mainly on the launches of new collections and the further development and growth of her webshop.

We are already fans of her new collection! Feel free to take a look on her webshop. Fancy more entrepreneurial stories? Keep following the Belgian Top 21!

This article has been written in collaboration with Maxime Thys

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