Belgian Top 21: Revolutionary apparel for gymnasts at Flying Fox

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As a Belgian magazine, we are proud of so much entrepreneurial talent, we don’t need to say it. Today we would like to introduce Flying Fox to you. Debbie Defossé is shaking up the entire gymnastics world with her revolutionary leotards.

Flying Foxes can’t be put

in boxes.

After years of working as a gymnast and later as a coach for acrobatic teams, Debbie Defossé noticed changes in the way people looked at leotards. Where previously only the top teams competed (nationally and internationally) in the most amazing outfits, she noticed that more and more importance was attached to wearing beautiful leotards at the lower levels as well. A nice gymnastics costume should especially complement the music and the choreography, but also perfectly fit the morphology of the gymnast.

“Nothing had changed in the last twenty years

about the standard leotards.

So there was definitely a need for innovation.”

Because of the fact that often gymnastics apparel was made to measure and her own team needed more and more of it, she decided to start making them herself. This was to ensure that they would be able to wear original, but also affordable suits. Debbie became a victim of her own success as more and more teams came knocking on her door. So it was clear to her that she needed to find a way to offer leotards quickly, but with the necessary quality.

Inspiration from a different angle

Debbie took her inspiration from the cycling world, where sublimation prints on fabrics have been used for years. After a year of experimenting, there was success. She found the perfect fabrics and techniques to create technical and challenging designs. Thanks to her techniques, she can now create beautiful leotards that would normally be incredibly expensive using airbrush. On top of that, the leotards she offers are much more interesting. They don’t consist of the classic layer-on-layer fabrics with rhinestones on top, which make a gymnast’s outifit weigh a lot more in the long run.

So with Flying Fox she offers gymnast apparel for both boys and girls that is light and fits perfectly to the body without losing flexibility. In her collection she has artistic suits for competitions and shows, but also original gymnastic wear for trainings. Moreover, you can also contact her for tailor- made pieces.

“Lycra in the gymnastics world is often not ecological.

Flying Fox’s leotards are!”

After one to two seasons most gymnasts need to purchase new outfits. To be more sustainable and to make a difference, Debbie deliberately wanted materials that were recycled. This is mainly because the gymnastics world is still seriously behind in that area, most outfits from other brands are made from standard materials. Fortunately, she found a supplier who could offer ecological lycra. This makes her the first and only one to offer completely original and sustainable leotards.

A beautiful portfolio packed with talent

Debbie has already fantastic names on her portfolio. Only a few weeks ago the Belgian men’s duo Noam Raj Patel and Robin Casse won silver at the World Championships in Geneva. The Belgian men’s group, made it to fourth place. All of them could be admired wearing stunning outfits designed and made by Flying Fox

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She is currently discussing other collaborations and hopes to secure a permanent partnership with GymFed by 2023. Then the World Championships artistic gymnastics will come to the Antwerp Lotto Arena. She would love to see the complete national artistic teams (women and men) in Flying Fox.

We will certainly continue to follow Debbie and Flying Fox‘s journey and hope that she lands that sought-after partnership. In the meantime, we will continue to put other Belgian entrepreneurs in the spotlight with our Belgian Top 21. So keep checking our website for more entrepreneurial stories.

This article has been written in collaboration with Flying Fox

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