Belgian Top 21: Premium Fashion by Lys Boutique

Credits: Lys Boutique

Today we are highlighting Clara from Lys boutique. She mixes her knowledge of web design with her passion for fashion. You can read her story in this second article of the Belgian Top 21.

Clara arrived in Belgium five years ago, where she immediately took up studies in Business Management and Marketing in Leuven. Today she is a professional UX/UI designer and knows everything about web design and applications. As much as she likes the job, a big part of her passion lies with fashion and design. She probably got that from her mom, she admits.

Moving to Belgium, she worked mostly to create a new place she could call her home. When the time came for a new adventure, she founded an e-commerce site: Lys boutique.

Fashion for the modern woman

With Lys boutique she mainly wants to dress women like herself, the modern busy woman. Women who work a lot and do not always have time to shop, but do love beautiful pieces. Women who want to look good, without it having to cost hands full.

“My collections are for women in need of a very versatile and quality wardrobe.”

Clara does not make the clothes on her premium, Multibrand webshop herself, but provides existing brands from countries such as Spain, France and Italy a platform. Recently she added Dutch and Danish brands. The Scandinavian brands are particularly popular with her customers, which is why she wants to continue with them. She follows the advice of her customers and wants to offer the best experience and work very personally.

A brand only appears on her ‘digital’ shelves if she is convinced that she would wear it herself. She consciously chooses beautiful clothing with excellent quality. “Even the combination of basic items is beautifully transformed into a unique representation of who we are. You first see the woman and then you see the clothes.”

Give back to nature

Sustainability is an important part of Clara’s vision for Lys boutique. The choice of brands is influenced by this, but also all details including packaging. All sold items are carefully packed in a Packhelp box made of environmentally friendly and recycled materials. For every order, trees are also planted through the organization ‘One Tree Planted’.

What will the future bring?

Clara has already organized a few successful pop-up shops. Secretly, she hopes to eventually open a real physical shop, but she wants to do that when her company is really ready for it. There is no pressure, because for now she really wants to focus on improving the customer experience. But when the shop is going to happen, it has to be a place full of experience, a place where her customers love to try on the clothes and combine them with advice from Clara.

In addition to selling clothing, she also dreams of adding interior design and decoration to her range. For her, that would be a nice nod to her studies in Interior Design in Barcelona.

At Blogzine we love these kinds of stories and that is why we are so happy with the Belgian Top 21. Until July 21st, you can discover the story of a different Belgian brand or entrepreneur on Blogzine. See you tomorrow!

This article has been written in collaboration with LYS Boutique

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