Belgian Top 21: No Barbecue without Delvache


A summer without a barbecue, does that sound familiar? No, not to us either! And certainly not for the men of Delvache. Discover their story now on day 14 of the Belgian Top 21.

Happiness is being surrounded by good friends and family at the barbecue.

Summer is in the country, and that immediately means a barbecue (or 10) will be lit somewhere every day. Barbecue is just about the most popular dish in the summer and that may also be due to the fact that it brings so many people together. And now that the covid clouds are clearing, we can start dreaming of family parties in the open air. And for such a great moment, there is a great accessory for the man or woman behind the bbq: a Delvache apron.

Shared passion for togetherness

Delvache comes about after two friends (because that’s how it goes) are having a pleasant chat during a barbecue. They share common passions, but especially the need to be social and to share special moments with friends and family, that makes them happy. And so they put their heads together and come up with the idea of creating a brand that would bring people together for generations.

Feel free to look back at the most beautiful and enjoyable moments you have experienced. Chances are, there were always drinks or food to go with it. Because where there is enough food and drinks, that’s where people are happiest. Good food and good company are the ingredients of a feel-good moment. No wonder that barbecue is number one in the world in terms of summer activities with family and friends. In every country there is some form of barbecue or grilling.

Beyond mass consumption

No waste and no disposable consumption. That’s the world Delvache believes in. And with their sustainable aprons, they want to bring quality that lasts for years. The designs are timeless, so they fit any occasion, in any season, year in and year out.

Besides they only work with partners that can guarantee the production of ecological and ethical materials. They designed this barbecue apron in a way that with the right care, this product will last a lifetime.

Barbecue shop

The Delvache team also dreams of their own future. And in that future, they envision an expanded range of products, as well as their own barbecue shop. A place dedicated to the most enjoyable moment of the year, which makes many a family happy. A place that brings people together. And we can only applaud that. The world needs more brands like this.

Did you know?

You can personalise your very own Delvache apron, so that you are the one and only master of the barbecue. It is also a very nice gift.

All that reading about barbecue, it makes you hungry, doesn’t it? We are already hungry for more unique stories during our Belgian Top 21. We’ll be back tomorrow with another entrepreneurial story, so be sure to follow along.

This article has been written in collaboration with Delvache

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