Belgian Top 21: Jewelry Design Business by Morphée Joaillerie

Credits: Morphée Joaillerie

We continue our Belgian Top 21 with the entrepreneurial story of Pamela Hastry and her jewelry business, Morphée Joaillerie

Fifteen years of Place Vendôme in Paris, that is what Pamela Hastry, founder and designer of Morphée Joaillerie, cantick off. A trained gemologist, goldsmith and designer, she spent years working for the biggest jewelry houses until she decided to start her own jewelry company 7 years ago. 

I see and understand the world through jewellery

A tremendous passion for sketching beautiful designs and finding rare gemstones best describes her. Pamela prefers to work with gold and gemstones like (colored) diamonds, black opal, rubies, to name but a few, in her designs. Her inspiration comes from nature and the world around her. Everything she sees and thinks, she understands through jewelry. 

Self-confidence and creativity

Of course, she has the same challenges as those of other start-ups such as investing in marketing and sales, building an extensive network, a reputation and client database. Starting your own business in the jewelry industry also comes with its own challenges. For example, there is a huge cost of stockpiling, because rare gemstones and gold are very expensive. And if, like Pamela, you want to offer a diverse range of products, you need tremendous confidence that it will all work out. 

Pamela owes this confidence and agility; her constant optimism and her search for new opportunities, to her creative side. She makes sure that when the going gets tough (as it did last year with Covid), she keeps her head above water and comes up with creative solutions. Losing her nerve would not be her style. 

“As an artist and creator, I like to perceive life as a positive challenge.”

As an artist, it is often a huge challenge to be business minded as well, as it requires a completely different mindset. As a creator, it’s easy to get lost in the design process without shining light on making real sales. Now that Pamela has her own jewelry business and stock, she has had to learn new skills. For her, it is a continuous search for the perfect balance between creativity and continuous sales. It’s a mental exercice on the long term, finding direction and knowing when to do things to push forward.

From Paris to Brussels

Since last year, many lovers of precious jewelry have found her in Brussels, where she had a pop-up shop until recently. Starting October this year, she will open her own jewelry boutique in the same area, the Grand Sablon; perhaps the most delightful neighborhood of Brussels, known for fine art and all things beautiful. 

Also this summer you will find her close to the world of art, because until August 30 she has another pop-up shop, this time in the famous TEN Gallery in Knokke. 

If you want to meet Pamela in person, you can do so every day between 11am and 7pm at the pop-up in Knokke (Zandstraat 7). She will be happy to tell you about her way of working and to introduce you to her collections. Curious about more entrepreneurial talent? Then read the following article of the Belgian Top 21 tomorrow.

This article has been written in collaboration with Morphée Joaillerie – Pictures are made by Ruxandra Ioana

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