Belgian Top 21: From Burn Out to Brun’Chez Moi

Credits: Brun’Chez Moi

We are almost at the end of our Belgian Top 21, but not before we share with you a few more gems of entrepreneurs. Today we share the story of Hélène who found her passion in cooking and now, together with her sister, has turned it into their business.

The legal world is often a hard, stressful world that requires a lot of energy. Sometimes so much energy that you, as a person, ask yourself: “Why am I doing this to myself?”. That same question led Hélène to burn out after five years. She had lost her passion for the profession and the lockdown last year added to that.

I had lost my passion and was on the verge of giving up.

At home, in her bed and hungry, she scrolled through social media one day. She saw on someone’s profile that they were enjoying a brunch box at home. Personally, such a brunch box could have tasted good to her right now. And that got her thinking. Because such an idea did not yet exist in her neighborhood, or at least it was not yet known in Belgium. Together with her sister, she investigated the idea further and soon after they launched their first home made boxes. Cooking came natural to them as it was handed down from home, because their parents were also chefs.

“Cooking is in our blood, because mom and dad are also very good cooks.”

With their friends and family as a test group, they perfected the boxes and their network also grew. They opted for plastic-free packaging and only buy locally. With a clear focus on local ingredients and homemade delicacies, they conquered many happy bellies. More and more people reserved their brunch boxes and the story was picked up by the press and influencers all over the country.

“We really engaged our friends and family to get feedback very quickly.

Today we are really very satisfied with our concept.”

Brunch delivered to your home

Today Brun’Chez Moi delivers brunch boxes to your home. Delivery is possible every weekend in the region of Namur, Walloon Brabant and Brussels. Pick-up is possible in Namur. You can choose between a sweet, savory or mixed box. By default, a box is for two people (€34.90), but you can reserve several boxes if you are with a larger group.

– The sweet brunch box contains homemade jams, pancakes, banana bread, croissants, fruit, yoghurt with granola, fresh juices and much more. 

– The savory brunch box includes scrambled eggs, tomato mozzarella bagels with pesto and proscuitto, charcuterie and cheeses, and so on.

“We also got a lot of requests for larger groups.

For example for the morning after a wedding.

So now we offer a brunch traiteur service as well.

Brun’chez nous

Hélène has plans to open her own brunch restaurant where you can go to have brunch alone or with a group of friends or family. In addition, she would like to offer her range of local, homemade products in a shop. Customers will be able to buy their favorite jams, chocolate spreads etc. spontaneously, even without having to have brunch on the spot.

“Even the flavors of our jams are surprising.

Last time we had lychee and rose petals.

Now there’s strawberry, rhubarb basil.”

Did all that reading about food make you hungry? Then you can already reserve your brunch box for next weekend. Hungry for more entrepreneurial stories? Then come back next week because we’ll be putting another Belgian entrepreneur in the spotlight.

This article has been written in collaboration with Brun’ Chez Moi

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