Belgian Top 21: Captain Cork and its sustainable Captain

Credits: Captain Cork

The second week of the Belgian Top 21 is almost over. Even before we head into the weekend, we are happy to share the story of Ina de Quint. She is the captain at the helm of the sustainable brand Captain Cork.

Sustainability above all

For Ina de Quint, sustainability is more than just finding sustainable solutions for raw materials, packaging and transport. Ina also strongly believes in sustainable partnerships and making an impact.

“I could never have imagined

that these would one day be my ideals as well.”

Her green source as a basis for the creation of handbags and accessories came to her from home. Her father was an ecologist avant la garde. Even before zooming in on your ecological footprint became mainstream, home was carefully recycled, reused and renewed. After a successful career at the port of Antwerp, he bought a Portuguese ruin that he wanted to renovate bit by bit into his dream eco-house.

After the passing of her dad, her captain, Ina decided to focus on her new mission: to continue her dad’s sustainable dream and vision of life. With her brand Captain Cork, she brings sustainability to every level.

Captain Cork is the perfect example of how man and nature can work in synergy. Her ecological raw material cork is the basis for her collections. A cork tree that is peeled can extract and convert up to 5 times more CO2 into oxygen.

“Being a sustainable brand is more

than deciding to work with green resources.”

For the packing and shipping of her collections, Ina consciously chooses a socially responsible cooperation with a unique custom company. People are employed here who would otherwise probably have a lot fewer job opportunities. People who like to work, but because of a disability can only do so in this context.

Ina also wants to make a difference with her social media and marketing campaigns. She consciously chooses a mix of themes that fit well with her ideal client, but also dares to make an impact by raising more social themes. Her Progress campaign is the perfect example of this. Every year, she wants to put a particular minority group in the spotlight, to show that we must not leave them by the wayside.

So every customer purchase is an investment in the planet, a more beautiful and better world, her entrepreneurial dream, but also in generations of today and tomorrow.

Helping other entrepreneurs

Known for her participation in television, Ina got more and more questions from other entrepreneurs about how to run a business successfully. She enjoys sharing her knowledge, especially her experiences. Every day she shares a look behind the scenes of her business via her Instagram account ‘Ondernemerspraat met Ina‘. Ina also shows the not-always-glamorous side of entrepreneurship, which is often forgotten. She shows her frustrations just as she shares her success stories. 

Also offering a platform for other entrepreneurs through her own network and channels makes her way of working unique. Every Sunday she goes live on the Captain Cork account with another entrepreneur or brings another unique story.

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This article has been written in collaboration with Captain Cork

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