Belgian Top 21: Belgian attitude at Roseline d’Oreye

Credits: Roseline d’Oreye

Today is our last day of the Belgian Top 21. So first things first: Happy National Holiday! Secondly we would love to bring to you once more one of our favourite Belgian brands, Roseline d’Oreye. Especially for this occasion we are highlighting her ‘Belgitude collection’.

Roseline d’Oreye is an artist, illustrator and designer of the eponymous brand. For years she has been bringing her version of the world through brush strokes. She traveled around the world and sketched or painted her memories in ‘travel books’. She later collected these drawings together to make collections of them on different silk squares. Each with its own story, colour palette and symbols. Accompanied each silk square is numbered and has a certificate of authenticity and a personalised text or poem by Roseline.

“Creativity and drawing have always been central elements in my life.

I started drawing as a child and for as long as I can remember,

I wanted to dedicate my life to these passions.”

Thanks to her creativity she has also been able to secure some special collaborations including with Belgian fashion house Degand Natan, Planet Parfum and recently Sisley. Each year around Christmas she also works on a series of kids stories to bring Christmas magic into Belgian Castles, together with with Historalia Productions.

Personalised art

As an artist, Roseline loves personal stories or portraying someone’s personality through a work of art. Besides the creation of her own collections, her techniques lend themselves perfectly to revamp (old and weathered) leather accessories such as shoes, bags, jackets and suitcases.

I love to breathe new life into lost items, through my art.

Usually a piece seems unusable because it has an indelible stain on it, or is worn down for a piece. Sometimes it is simply out of fashion and therefore no longer wearable. When she sees such a piece, she starts to paint a piece of passion, a personal link with the owner of the piece. In this way the item gets a second life.

Other items of her own collections can be personalised too. She can write personal messages on a silk square or adapt it’s colours to fit one’s own aesthetic. She can even modify or add items on existing designs. Of course a complete made to measure design can be realised upon request too.


Belgium is a small country and has so many different folklores specific to certain regions. Yet there are certain symbols that people from all over the world recognize. Without a doubt, one says in one breath Red Devils, fries, waffles and beer when talking about Belgium.

With that national pride in mind, Roseline created a 100% Belgian design called Belgitude, or Belgian Attitude. A design that celebrates surrealism the Belgian way, and references artists like Van Eyck, Margritte, James Ensor, Adolphe Sax and Jacques Brel.

She started her design in the summer of 2019 and finalized it during the first lockdown in April. As a symbol of Belgian unity, the design even includes the King’s crown and nod to the monarchy.

What better way to conclude our Belgian Top 21 than with the unique and wonderful story of Roseline and her Belgitude collection, right? We would love to thank all of the participating brands and we hope you discovered some new gems! We know we did!

This article has been written in collaboration with @ROSELINE D’OREYE

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