Beauty: Treat yourself to 360° sun beauty with Dior Bronze


The sun is shining bright, the temperatures are rising and we’re all craving for a perfect tan. Sipping cocktails on the beach or having a BBQ with friends, is included in those cravings. However, soaking up some Vitamines D isn’t without any risks. It’s important to protect your precious skin at any time.

To protect your skin, it’s important to know which products you need to use and how you apply them. That being said, we at Blogzine are absolutely fan of the Dior Bronze sun care products. They aren’t only protecting your skin, they also make you shine as the sun care contains some sparkles. It also smells like summer and gives you the sun kissed skin you’ve always wished for.

The best foundation you can wear is a healthy glowing skin

A sun kissed skin, please!

Dior is known for their sun care products which are light, not sticky and easy to use. Thanks to their fine milky texture for the face, you will have a natural glow while enjoying the sun. The SPF 30 or 50, protects you against any kind of damage you can think of. This means that it’s not only protecting you against the sun, but also from pollution for example.

Next to that, Dior has also has a ‘Tan Beautifier Complex’. Which means that your skin will tan evenly and naturally. It will keep its color for a longer period and it will get more intense every day. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

Another important detail is that you can use the sun protection without a day cream! But please use your favorite serum underneath. One of our favorites is their Capture Youth “Plump Filler Serum“. This serum will make your skin more youthful and fresh. You can also mix it with your foundation for a light makeup, which is the ultimate skin trend for upcoming seasons.

Tip: learn why serums and skincare are important by reading our latest skincare article.

Protect your skin

Once we’ve protected our face, we need to protect our body as well. Especially when you’re at the beach or the pool and bathing a lot. And whether you’re wearing a top, a pair of shorts or only a swimsuit, it doesn’t matter. You need to protect yourself at any time. Preferable with a SPF higher than 15. An SPF 30 is the minimum protection you need to apply from the sun. Believe me, as a beautician I see women every day. And one day an older lady told me: “If I would have known how much damage the sun would do to my skin at a young age, I would’ve never put on less than SPF 50.”

And the damage that she was talking about is only showing when you get older. The damage could results in more wrinkles, an irritated skin and hyper pigmentations. Those pigmentation marks are actually a big struggle for a lot of women. Because once you have it, there is no way back. And it’s not always easy to cover up with foundation.

Don’t forget your body

For your body we recommend you to use the Dior Bronze milky mist as it’s easy to apply and the fragrance makes you crave for holidays. Dior has scented their sun line with the scent of Monoï, super exotic and perfect in combination with their famous “J’adore” fragrance. Or if you love the “Miss Dior“, then Blooming bouquet might be your summer perfume! Joke recommends you to use it as a layer before applying any other perfume. Or right before going to bed as it’s a refreshing fragrance.

Once you’ve applied the sun protection, it’s important to re-apply it every time you’ve been in the water. Even when they say that it’s water proof. You better be safe than sorry. Also the minutes in between applying the protection is important. We recommend you to do it at least every 30minutes for a full sun protection.

After sun, the finishing touch

After spending a day, or some hours in the sun, it’s always recommended to use an after sun. Even if you’re not sunburned. Because even if you’re fully protected with the best sunscreen in the world, your skin will be stressed. out by the intense heat and impact of the sun. Applying after sun will calm down your skin and give it the hydration it needs after a hot and sunny day.

As your skin will be developing a tan, it is important to maintain the care of it. Otherwise your tan will disappear very quickly. The after sun will therefor also help you to keep your tan as long as possible and sometimes make it develop a bit further.

Use a self-tan if you don’t like the sun

However tanning is not for everyone. It’s perfectly possible that you simply don’t like to spend hours on a sun bed to get a tan. Or maybe your skin is sensitive to heat and sun. Whether you’re in the sun or at home, we all want a beautiful golden glow all year around. Therefor Dior has launched its self-tanning products.

Their new self-tanning water is revolutionary! You can just spray it as a fine mist all over your face and body, and it will help you with a self-tan. How amazing is that? We now officially say goodbye to those thick pastes and gloves full of brown marks.

But if you prefer a jelly texture, we recommend the Dior Bronze gradual glow. Just take note that this texture is only for your face. But you know what they say: if you can use it for your face, it’s surely safe for your body as well.

And last but not least. Don’t forget to scrub before applying any time of self-tan to avoid spots and dark, uneven, lines. This is also recommended before you go tanning as it will avoid your skin to dry out and peel off immediately. Because we all want to keep our tan as long as possible, right?

We hope that you will enjoy the sun this season and don’t forget to do it safely!

This article has been written in collaboration with @JOKE LEHOUCK

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