Beauty Talk: Your smartphone is giving you bad skin


Chances are very high that you are now holding your smartphone and reading this article with it. There is nothing wrong with that, is there? Well, beauty expert Keshia has some thoughts on the use of your smartphone and its effect on your skin. Curious? Then read on!

When you think of the culprits of skin aging, you may think of the sun, poor diet, and wrong or no use of skin care products. You’re absolutely right! These factors damage and age the skin at a rapid rate! But there may be a “hidden enemy” you haven’t thought of yet: blue light! Much of the research on blue light and its damage is still in its infancy, but the preliminary results are, to say the least, disturbing.

What is Blue Light?

The greatest source of natural blue light is the sun. Daylight is colorless, but is composed of all the elements of the light spectrum. Each of those elements has a wavelength. These wavelengths determine how deep the penetration is relative to our skin. The wavelengths of blue light correspond to those of UVA. You can already guess, blue light goes very deep into your skin. Nowadays, many other sources of blue light have entered our lives, just think of LED screens, smartphones, tablets, computer screens, laptops,… These are all held much closer to our faces than the sun.

Is all blue light bad? No! Blue light can be used on acne. This can be done by using an LED mask and is also used in energy lamps against depression. Everything depends on the wavelength of the blue light used (if we are talking about devices and lamps).

Why do you have to be careful with Blue Light?

Blue light stimulates photoaging. This is aging that occurs from exposure to light. In addition to aging, it can cause skin color changes, inflammation and weaken your skin barrier. Like UVA, blue light enters your deeper layer of skin. That’s where your elastin and collagen are located. The damage from blue light is compared to UV damage for a reason. What is striking in studies is that blue light primarily attacks the antioxidants in our bodies. A shortage of these gives free radicals the chance to cause stress in our cells which can cause damage in the DNA.

How can you protect yourself?

A sunscreen is already going to help you a long way! Make sure you have plenty of antioxidants in your skincare. There are filters you can put on your smartphone and tablet. Night mode also provides more yellow than blue light. For your eyes, you can go for glasses with blue light filter. 

Day creams with a blue light block can be useful if your job requires you to sit behind a screen all day. Don’t get caught by the title alone on a jar. The ingredients and composition decide if it can actually protect your skin. Avoid a ‘screenface’ that is dry, gray and has fine lines and inform yourself well about the products you use.

Learned something new and impatient for more? Then be sure to read all the Beauty Talk by Keshia. Next week she will be back with a new column.

This article has been written by Keshia Caudron

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