Beauty Talk: Pre-Age is the New Anti-Age


In this week’s Beauty Talk our Beauty Expert Keshia talks about why it is so important to start taking care of your skin. Even when it visibly does not need it (yet).

I regret taking such good care of my skin. Said no one ever!

I don’t like stereotypes like: “From your 20s you have to apply an anti-aging cream”. Everything depends on your skin type and your skin condition. Does this mean you have to wait until the wrinkles come? No! We can get Pre-Aging started! Today I’m talking about how to get proactive and what the benefits are!

Why you shouldn’t start anti-aging to early?

Anti-age creams often contain heavy ingredients. Collagen, for example, is a very nourishing ingredient. If you are still in your young twenties and perhaps still battling impurities, an ingredient like collagen could have more drawbacks than benefits. By keeping the production of your own collagen going for as long as possible, you can avoid heavier, active ingredients. Then, when you really need them, your skin has not yet become accustomed to the ingredient and it will actually help.

So what about Pre-Aging Skin Care?

You are probably familiar with the saying: better to prevent than to cure. Avoiding or delaying aging is easier than solving aging.

Some triggers of lines and wrinkles are dehydration and damage to our collagen and elastin fibers. Let those be two things that are easily preventable. How then? The basics, that’s all it takes! Cleanse your face so you get all the impurities, pollution and bacteria off your skin. This way your skin (especially in the evening) gets the chance to repair itself.

Make sure your skin has a neutral pH value and use a day cream adapted to your skin type and skin condition to provide your skin with moisture. You can use your day cream or an extra serum to provide antioxidants that fight the free radicals. This way they cannot damage your healthy cells! We need them! Antioxidants also stimulate the production of collagen. The longer we can keep our machine running itself the better!

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells. By removing these from your skin, all the moisture goes into your healthy skin cells. Last but not least, also avoid damage by using an SPF daily!

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So if it depends on our Beauty expert Keshia, we better start taking care of our skin in time and choosing the right ingredients at the right time. Curious for more beauty talk? Be sure to come back next week or read all the other tips and tricks here.

This article has been written by Keshia Caudron

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