Beauty Talk: First Aid for Angry Skin


Each week you will find the best tips and techniques to care for your skin and keep it in perfect condition. This week, our beauty expert Keshia tells us more about the phenomenon she calls “angry skin” and what exactly you can do about it.

Healthy skin is not an overnight process!

“Your skin is clearly a bit angry,” I sometimes say to my clients. Sometimes they’re as puzzled as you might be right now. And sometimes a bell rings when they look in the mirror.

We all know roughly what healthy skin looks like. And no, it’s not pore-free or pimple- free! Healthy skin is calm, has a healthy glow, is not noticeably red and inflamed, and does not feel dry or irritated.

Does the question “What’s wrong with my skin?” occasionally cross your mind? Then that’s a clear sign. Your skin is acting up and wants to tell you: “I’m not doing well!”. Compare it to a troublesome toddler who sits around sulking until you give them what they want. “Take care of me!”, is what your skin is asking.

Your skin is off balance

Your skin is angry because it is out of balance. And that can have several causes. For example, facial cleansers that are too strong and contain lots of sulfates and/or alcohol. These dry out your skin and start to irritate it. You take away the fats from your skin, which is just the layer that keeps your skin supple. As a result, your skin starts to feel tight and difficult after showering or cleansing with too hot water and you actually create invisible cracks in your skin.

Those cracks make your skin much more accessible to external factors like sun, pollution and bacteria, and the moisture in your skin evaporates much faster. Your skin becomes inflamed. As a “lifesaver” it then makes extra sebum, to restore that layer of fat. So your dry, sensitive and inflamed skin starts to shine. And what do you think? “Oops, we need to cleanse more strongly!” And you get the idea: you end up in a vicious circle. Stronger cleansing is not the solution.

Your skin barrier is priority number 1

I know, those pimples and that glow are really no fun. However great the temptation to cleanse more and dry out more, the most important thing is to first restore your skin barrier.

You can compare it to a wall. A good, solid wall consists of bricks and cement. The bricks are your cells, the cement are ceramides. Ceramides are fats and are produced in your body by niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3. Just look at your skincare labels: chances are there’s niacinamide in there. To restore your skin barrier, we need to replenish and strengthen the cement. Only once your skin is calmer can we work on the impurities.

My favorites for replenishing moisture and repairing your skin barrier are the Hyaluronic Force and High Recovery Comfort Night Cream (For all skin types):

Curious about more beauty secrets? Then be sure to keep following our beauty talk. Would you like to share something about your skin or have you followed Keshia’s tips. Be sure to leave a comment!

This article has been written by Keshia Caudron

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