Sothys Detox Energy Corrector for Men


Our ‘Man Cave’ editor Angelo tested a hidden gem from the Sothys range: the detox energy corrector cream. The result? We now recommend this cream for every man who wants to feel fresh and radiant, without having to use (too much) makeup.

This Sothys skin correction cream contains encapsulated pigments that make imperfections less visible. You simply apply the cream to the face and neck. The incredible texture adapts to every skin type and complexion when you apply it to the face.

“The first time I applied the corrector, I knew it right away: this is going to be my new addiction!

The first time Angelo applied the corrector, he knew it right away: it was going to be his new addiction! Since then, Angelo is using the cream every time he has an important appointment. It helps to hide the redness on his face. At the same time, the skin is taken care of.

Editor’s tip: If you suffer from dark circles under the eyes, then apply the cream a bit thicker under the eyes. The colour correcter in the cream will hide the dark circles and even out the whole. The effect is a smooth skin and fresher look.

Active ingredients

  • Detoxifying peptides: Global anti-pollutant biomimetic design.
  • Eleutherococcus Root Extract: Protects the cell to maintain a good level of energy and stimulate intracellular energy.
  • Organic elderberry extract: A complete active ingredient to protect against pollution.
Credits: Sothys

Also from the range

The Sothys Detox Energy range consists of 4 other products that can also be used perfectly by men. The five-part range is designed to increase the skin’s resistance to the environment. It helps restore its radiance and gives the skin a radiant, youthful appearance.

  • Depolluting Youth cream: This cream restores the skin’s balance and pH and combats external aggressors.
  • Protective depolluting essence: Provides a barrier against pollution and also hydrates the skin.
  • Energizing Serum: A powerful detoxifying serum.
  • Energizing radiance ampules: These ampoules have a tightening effect on the skin, making wrinkles less visible.

The Sothys Detox Energy range is available at more than a hundred beauty centers in Belgium. This particular corrector cream is yours for little as €45 and will last a couple of months (regular use). Tell all your friends about it, but keep your tube to yourself.

This article has been made in collaboration with @ANGELOVEROOFFICIAL

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