Beauty: Filorga Global-Repair Serum and Cream

Whether you’re a make-up lover or not, a good base of skincare rituals is unmissable for a healthy skin. For years I’ve been trying to find what works best for me. Today there’s only one skincare brand that gives me the natural, refreshing, glow: Filorga.

Filorga, the French skincare brand which is known for their laboratory expertise, develops revolutionary anti-aging skincare. Their formula includes NCEF, a unique complex of encapsulating active ingredients inspired by filling injections. When you use their creams, serums and cleansers, you visibly reduce wrinkles. And at the same time you hydrate your skin which also helps to maintain the natural glow!

Filters are great. But a great skin is even better.

The Filorga skincare products are a part of my beauty routine since 2018. Especially their “Sleep & Lift” ultra-lifting night cream is one of my favorites. Another unmissable must have is the “Oxygen Glow” eye care. This cute rose tube is a part of the skincare range they launched during last year during Spring. Today we’re talking about something new: the “Global-Repair” serum and cream.

Global-Repair Intensive Serum

The first product I’m introducing you to is the Global-Repair Intensive Serum. The concentrated multi-active serum with aesthetic medicine techniques creates a visible and intensely rejuvenating effect. Because of that, it treats signs of dehydration, established wrinkles, lack of firmness and sagging facial contours. Next to that you can use the intensive serum for hollow features, dark spots and tired complexions.

However it’s very important to use and apply the serum correctly to achieve the best results. I recommend you to use it on a daily base, as a serum for the day. You can also blend it with your night cream for a unique sensory experience. You will feel the boosted and refreshing action right away once you applied it.

Global-Repair cream

Another skincare product is the Global-Repair Nutri-Restorative and Multi-Revitalising cream. It’s my personal favourite. They designed the cream for devitalised skin. It creates a visible and intensely rejuvenating effect when you apply it, perfect for me as a fulltime traveler. I often have a dehydrated skin and signs of tiredness. Used in combination with the serum you will nourish your skin and avoid heavy signs of anti ageing.

TIP: you can also use the cream as a sleeping mask during the night!

Filorga made a cream for any skin type, perfect for those who want to bring the institute experience at home. Women that like to take care of their skin and look for that natural glow effect will love it!

The products are available at your local Ici Paris XL store or on their online webshop.

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