Beauty: 5 Tips for Avoiding the Most Common Hair Problems

Credits: Healthy Hair Boss

Do you also suffer from hair loss, flakes, hair that does not grow, split ends,…. Maybe you’ve already tested 101 products but still don’t seem to get it fixed right away. We asked Sil Colson of Healthy Hair Boss for her 5 most effective remedies against hair problems.

From dry sprites to lush curls.

The story of Sil may sound familiar to some. As a child she had rather straight hair. When puberty arrived, the structure of the hair changed. The sleek lengths became thick, rough, frizzy and unmanageable. It wasn’t long before the bullying began in high school. The words “sheep,” “bird’s nest” or witch were certainly not unfamiliar. At the age of fourteen, she discovered the hair straightener. 

From bad to worse

For more than 10 years, the straightener had become a daily indispensable object. Until one day, when the hair stopped growing, broke off and fell out in large quantities and even hairdressers didn’t know what to do with it.

A completely new lifestyle

It was time for a new approach. Unlearning everything in order to learn new ways of hair care again. As obsessed as Sil was with her straightener, she was now obsessed with healthy hair care. 

“As soon as I decided to change course, I saw my hair transform.

And what a transformation.”

The 5 most common hair problems and how to deal with them

Healthy hair care applies to everyone, says Sil. From people with straight hair to ladies with curly hair. Sil has helped more than 100 ladies progress to a healthy head of hair through her courses, but with these five tips, you can learn healthy habits today. 

1. Keep away from heat tools

If you suffer from hair that just won’t grow, split ends and constant breakage? Stay away from heat tools. Your hair is dehydrated and does not need “extra” drying. Put the straightener or steampod aside for a day, and use the hair dryer on the cold setting. And if you really want to go wild, air dry your hair, nothing is better for your hair than that.

2. Avoid poor ingredients

You may have heard of sulfates or silicones. It is also so necessary to avoid these ingredients in your hair products. They cause your hair to become extra dehydrated. And as you read in tip 1, dehydrated hair will cause your hair to break. So choose products that are free of harsh sulfates and contain water-soluble silicones. To help you on your way, Sil has a free product list available where you can find a lot of products without these bad ingredients. You can get it here!

3. Head massages are the key to solving your hair problems

Head massages give hair a natural growth boost. They stimulate blood circulation, allowing hair roots to receive more nutrients. In this way, you stimulate new hair growth, which will be stronger and healthier.

Massage your scalp for at least one minute every day. If you suffer from flakes, dandruff or hair loss then a head massage is one of the best remedies.

4. Oils are ‘the liquid gold’

Have you been introduced to the wonders of a good argan or almond oil? These are ideal for any hair type and are also ideal to add to your head massage.

Do you suffer from flakes or dandruff? Then add 2-3 drops of rosemary essential oil. Extra tip: choose 100% natural oils. Many commercial oils contain silicones and you want to avoid those. 

The best argan oil Sil recommends, is the one from Marion Makes.

5. Even while sleeping you can do better

Maybe knots are a daily challenge for you? If so, replacing your pillowcase is definitely an option. Buy a bamboo fiber pillowcase to best care for your hair at night. Don’t buy satin, it will make your hair static and unmanageable. 

Extra tip for the ladies with long hair, get a soft scrunchie and make a loose palm tree on your head, this way you are not lying on your locks and there are less knots in the morning.

Want more hair advice? Then be sure to take a look at Sil’s website.

This article has been written in collaboration with Healthy Hair Boss

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