B&B Colette: A New Babymoon Concept

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Nothing turns the life of a (young) couple upside down than having a child. And no feeling greater than the constant search for me-time. Fortunately, at B&B Colette you’ll find the necessary me-time and we-time. As a couple and as a young family you will enjoy their new Babymoon concept.

A babymoon, what is it exactly?

It is a derivative of the well-known honeymoon, but centered around a baby. Most of you make your “babymoon” before the arrival of the baby. One last time on a trip, or just the two of you. Because you know … Once the baby is there enjoying time together will feel like something from the past soon enough.

“A place where enjoying time together with your partner

and your baby can co-exist, is a true necessity.”

Time to relax

At B&B Colette, the young family is central as they believe that the first months with a baby should revolve around cocooning together and thus making your bond even stronger. Therefore they have chosen for a concept that focusses on rest, relaxation and wellness for both parents and baby. Yes, your baby will also be able to enjoy a wellness moment! 

Upon arrival, they provide a personalized welcome with a delicious aperitif. Meanwhile your baby will enjoy a private session of hydrotherapy followed by a baby massage. This will get your baby completely relaxed and very tired (can you already feel the good night’s sleep?). With your little one asleep, you can enjoy a sumptuous three-course dinner and a wide range of beverages with or without alcohol (breastfeeding moms they did not forget you of course).

Next you can enjoy a precious moment in the hot tub under the stars. Everything is provided for a care-free overnight stay with a baby. In the morning there is a luxury breakfast basket ready for you. An all-in concept for you and your baby where you don’t have to think about anything yourself.

We love slow mornings.

Take your time!

Curious about this concept and looking forward to your we-time moment? Then book your overnight stay now and enjoy a well-deserved family wellness session. A B&B Colette is also the perfect Holiday gift that you can offer to someone you love to enjoy with his or her new family.

This article has been written in collaboration with B&B Colette.

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  1. That interior 😍 and that hot tub! Too bad I don’t have kids nor am I going to be pregnant… But I will tell all my preggy friends about it!

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