Awash, more than a children’s wear brand

Sometimes there are those brands that get you completely hooked on them. Awash is one of those brands. Since the founding of her own children’s clothing brand four and a half years ago, Ellen designs and makes a sustainable alternative to children’s clothing. But the story doesn’t stop there.

A child has a special way of putting joy in every day

Ellen was one of the designers who took part in the Belgian Creator’s Day in August. The name of her brand comes from the Ethiopian village Awash where she adopted her oldest son. The inspiration for her children’s clothing comes mainly from the colorful universe of children. She likes to use bright colors and bold, eye-catching prints.

“I use bright colors and bold patterns that are fun for kids

and that resonate with there young playful minds. I also offer some one color pieces

so that the kids are able to mix and match their outfits.”

All pieces from her collection are comfortable and easy to put on. When designing a new piece she immediately thinks of her two sons. If it seems feasible for her that her child wears a piece, then it will be in the collection. Besides clothing, she has also expanded her collection with blankets, teething rings and so on. 

Let Us Change

Ellen has an enormous affinity with the village where her son comes from. Since the founding of her brand, she has also been committed to improving the quality of life there.  With every purchase at Awash you are supporting the Ethiopian population. Per sold item two euros goes to the non-profit organization ‘Let Us Change’.

This organization created a place where street children get the opportunities they never had: healthy food to grow, a safe home to sleep and a great school to play and learn.

In addition to the shelters, the NGO supports prison children, beggars and 40 underprivileged families in the region. It also generates income for the homes and creates jobs for the underprivileged with its own weaving mill and bakery.

So whenever you buy from Awash all you have to remember is that you potentially made a family happy in Belgium and you helped a kid to a better life. And that is probably all of the convincing you need, am I right?

This article has been written by @ANGELO VERO in collaboration with Awash

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