Amazonas: from Brazil to the Benelux


Soon to be Mother’s Day and perhaps a hammock is not immediately on the list of potential gifts. But that could well change if it were up to Annelies from Amazonas. 

Little Archie, the son of Megan Markle and Prince Harry chose the Koala swing chair

From support to entrepreneur

Annelies is the exclusive agent for Amazonas in Benelux after first working for the previous agent for years as an administrative assistant. Her enthusiasm and interest in entrepreneurship led her in her decision to take over the business as part of a total of four businesses, including hammocks and hanging chairs.

Originally, the Amazonas Hammocks were offered exclusively for B2B. She has clients such as AS Adventure, Pelckmans and WIlly Naessens. Since last year there is also a private webshop.

My favourite item is the Amazonas swinger because it has a footrest. I suffer from back aches and the additional footrest reduces back pain and is therefore my preferred choice.  

The choice of colour when picking a hammock is very personal, that is why she offers the opportunity for every one to purchase one in any colour. Annelies prefers it like that, as she is not one to push someone in a certain direction. 

A few Amazonas items in the spotlight:

1. Baby hammock in beige

Contrary to popular belief, a beige hangmate is the best choice for babies. The reason is simple says Annelies: first of all the beige makes babies more relaxed. Secondly when accidents occur (such as vomiting) you might want to wash it more often. A colourful fabric might wash off on other items while doing laundry.

Fun fact: When the founder of Amazonas lived in Brazil, he found that babies in Brazil cry less often than babies in Europe, and there was a reason for that. ‘That was because the babies there are cradled or carried all the time in slings or baby hammocks and so that gave him the idea of distributing them to the rest of the world.’

2. Moskito traveler ideal for camping

The moskito traveler, is a hammock to which a moskito net is attached. So, if you want to go camping, you don’t need an extra mosquito net. It is also treated with a special fabric that keeps mosquitoes away. This is also one of the best-selling products, according to Annelies. You can find this hammock here

3. Outdoor hanging chair

Outdoor hanging chairs may be a little more expensive in price, but the fact that they are hugely durable more than makes up for that. The durable hardwood comes from Poland and is carefully crafted into luxurious hanging chairs. You can see an example of this here.

Another fun fact: the outdoor hanging chairs are the favourites from international deejays Dimitri Vegas and Anouk Matton. 

You can find these luxury hammocks and hammock chairs online at And thanks to Blogzine you get 5% discount for Mother’s Day on your next purchase at and also free shipping, just use the code ‘blogzine’. You’re welcome.

This article has been written in collaboration with Annelies from Amazonas

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