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The winter is finally coming to an end and with the upcoming Spring weekend, it’s also time to start thinking about giving our interior a fresh update. No big changes or painting inspiration but a smooth, soft and shiny touch is always welcome. Let’s add some instant “chiqueness” to your home as velvet is back and it’s here to stay!

Velvet was already a big thing last year and also for 2020 it is the interior trend you want to follow. More and more people are finding their way back to velvet furniture again. And with good reason: it is elegant, luxurious and it adds a touch of glamour to your home. It’s a real must have for every interior!

Where before, velvet was mostly known as this heavy, red upholstery of some outdated and antique furnitures or curtains, interior design firms have really stepped up their game and gave it a much needed update!

As an interior and design lover I really love velvet so I’m happy to see that you can find velvet items in all kinds of forms, styles and shapes now: think about sofas, dining chairs, ottomans, drapes, cushions,…even lights. Name it and you can find it with a velvet finishing! Also, the available range of colors is bigger than ever: dark green, all shades of blue, pink, yellow, burgundy,…You name it.  And because of the way that velvet is made, it gives a real depth and vibrance to all colors adding warmth and richness to your interior.

With that being said it’s also nice to create a different look and vibe with each color. If you’re more into retro, than a beautiful caramel or mustard shade is gonna match your style perfectly. If you prefer a more modern or like a classic look, than dark green and blue or pink will be your go-to colors.

Velvet  goes well with almost every interior style so how can you integrate it into your home? You can go as far or be as bold as you want. 

But if you are looking for a real eye-catcher, then you should add a velvet sofa into your interior. It will be the statement piece of your home! They come in all sizes, styles and price ranges so you’ll definitely find one that matches your interior style and budget just perfectly…. The same goes for dining chairs. Dare to experiment and choose 2 (or more) different colours for a cool eclectic effect.  

Here are some of Suryani’s favorite ones

  1. Sofa Tobias in paprika red  (, 1.599€)

This color is truly amazing and it will really brighten up your living room and your life! With a bold piece of furniture like that, I would choose some more neutral other furniture and decoration elements. But if you like a super colorful and eclectic style, you can color block it! That’s totally up to you of course.

2. Pink sofa Jeanne (Maison Du Monde, 399€)

Credits: Maison Du Monde

This cute pink sofa is every girl’s dream. It would look great in your dressing room! That is, if you’re fortunate enough to have a dressing room that is large enough to fit in one of these. If so, than you can just relax, lay down and start to daydream about your next purchase.

3. Dining chair Elaine in colour ocean (Woood, 139€)

This dining chair is a perfect example where the old meets the new. I love how the more “art deco-ish” seat contrasts with the sleek, black legs. Also, you can see that velvet really brings colors to life.

Credits: Woood Furniture

4. Blue dining chair Kate (Dutchbone, 389€)

This just screams luxury. That beautiful dark blue shade and those elegant legs are just perfect. With these chairs you can lean back in style after each meal. Did anyone say “Dessert please!”?

Credits: Dutchbone

And to make it more contemporary you can combine your velvet furniture with modern golden interior accessories such as a side table, a mirror or chandeliers. If your interior is more Scandinavian, you can use a rug or some pillows in neutral colors with a nice graphic pattern. Or, you can just mix-and-match all the things you like so your interior is the perfect reflection of your personality.

If a sofa or dining chairs are a little bit too much for you than an velvet armchair is also a good option. Perfect to create a cosy, little reading corner. I could totally see myself cuddling up in one of these with a good book and a nice cup of coffee. Yes, I’m a coffee-lover!

1. Pols Potten, 1.003,50€ // 2. Goossens via Fonq, 249€ // 3. Westwing, 209€

But as I’m here to inspire everyone with this new trend, I’ve also made a selection of accessories with a velvet finishing. You actually don’t always have to change all your furniture to create a refreshing look, also adding the right kind of details will give your home something extra without being all too present.

1. Madame Stoltz, 124€ // 2. Gaudi Design, 59€ // 3. Karlsson, 34,95€ // 4. Maison Du Monde, 27,99 €

This article has been written by @SURYANI SIX

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