A trip to Arenal: Trampoline park

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Julie has a family with children of all ages and it might sometimes be difficult to find the right activity that everyone enjoys. It is also important that not only the children but even the parents can have fun. The Trampoline Park ‘Arenal’ is something for (almost) every age group that likes a challenge and Julie is telling you why…

Last weekend I went to the trampoline park Arenal with my sister, her two children and my boyfriend. To find a joint activity for an 11 year old, a teenager and a big adult/child (read: my boyfriend) with no disagreement between them is not always easy, but here they can fully enjoy themselves. We have been to Arenal on a few occasions and to be honest I always enjoyed our trips, it’s a nice way to do a work out and have some quality time with my family.

More than trampoline

Arenal is a sports club where a lot of different sports are offered. So if you’re not a fan of jumping, you can still choose between football, padel and padbol. Padel is a hybrid between tennis and squash. Not only adults can practise these sports, but also children can enjoy an introductory day and take on lessons at Arenal. So is your family on the sporty side? Then you’ve found the ideal place to play sports together.

For the slightly less sporty people who prefer to watch, there is a cafeteria available. From here you can watch the little ones (or big ones) play. There is also the possibility to celebrate your child’s birthday party here, a football match, jumping fun or both? It is all possible here. And as a bonus, the birthday boys and girls can ride a safe mechanical bull.  Success guaranteed!

Safety first

Since our family is not so on the sporty side and certain rules of the game sometimes bring up some difficulties, we stick to jumping. The minimum age to enter the jumping park during the week is 6 years but of course there is also a time for the little ones to show off all their acrobatic skills. This is to guarantee safety, as older children can sometimes be a little too enthusiastic. This is why a liability form must be signed in advance and it is compulsory to wear Arenal Jump safety stockings so that all accidents can be prevented.

There are also staff members present who keep an eye out for the more reckless of the bunch. In order to prevent the jumping park from being too full, a new jumping session starts every hour, so you can’t just enter the trampoline park whenever you want. To avoid disappointment, it’s best to reserve online because once the park is full, no one will be allowed in.

Once you enter the park, you will notice that there are many activities to start with. Do you like challenges? Then there is a whole obstacle course where you have to compete against someone for the fastest time . For the stunt lovers there is an airbag for your 360 backflips. Even ball sports are possible here. Like for example dodgeball and a slamdunk station. Although I have to say that this is not always easy to do on a trampoline.

You can also practice your balance on the wobbly stump or the rocking stairs. Once you’ve mastered this, you can take on the challenge of hitting your opponent of the beam with the punchbag. Don’t worry, you land in a huge foam pit. Are you exhausted after all this jumping, then it is possible to pop down in the foam pit. Do you still have all your energy, then you will find a lot of other activities in the park with over 1.700 square meters of excitement!

Don’t know what to do with your kids during a weekend or holiday? Or are you bored on a Wednesday afternoon? Then it’s definitely worth taking a look at Arenal. For our family this park is already a serious hit, we’re all exhausted after an hour of intensive jumping and having fun. I hope you do as well! 

Arenal Trampoline Park, Molenweide 2, 2800 Mechelen.

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