A tribute to the moms, from the Blogzine team

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Mother’s Day? Make it a Mother Month! Because in the month of May, Mommy’s at the centre of Blogzine. Mothers of all shapes and sizes, stepmothers and mothers with a business of their own. Blogzine gave way to a lot of fun mother-related topics, from books to Netflix shows, gifts and podcasts. But today we asked the team behind Blogzine which mother deserved a big bouquet of flowers.

Hey mama, has anyone told you that you’re doing an awesome job?

Thank you mom!

A note from Joke Lehouck, our beauty blogger

Joke, who herself is the mother of a fantastic son, wants to put her own mother in the spotlight. “I would like to put my mother in the front, because she’s the most amazing person on the earth. She accepted my choices in life, how controversial they sounded. She’s my hero and I love her.”

Extra flowers from Nasrien, our health and sports coach

It may sound cliché, but Nasrien also thinks her mom deserves an extra large bouquet of flowers. After a few difficult years, including a depression, her mother always stood next to her. Every day, with advice and support. Sometimes without words, but Nasrien knew she could always count on her mom.

“Her support pleased me so much that I was convinced to get out of that shitty period. The fact that I am positive again in life, that I have overcome all the problems, I owe much to my mother”. Nasrien is not only convinced that she survived all this because of the strength she had during her mother’s upbringing, she is one hundred percent convinced that her mother is the best mother in the world.

Angelo, fulltime blogger and. marketeer, thanks his sister

The man from our team, Angelo, keeps it short and powerful; the best mom is his sister according to him. He lives with his sister and her two children and he witnesses every day how a wonderful mother she is.

Suryani, our interior and kids blogger, says “Thank you!” to all the single moms!

From the day Suryani became a mom, she experiences every day how beautiful motherhood is. But she realizes all too well that there is also a downside and how exhausting it can be. That’s why she chooses to give all single moms a shoutout. “A big shoutout to all the single moms out there who manage to do it all on their own; taking care of the kids, doing the household, and all this in combination with a (fulltime) job!”

Even in times of COVID – 19 and we all have to stay at home, she realizes that these single moms deserve extra respect. “I already had tons of respect for single moms, and it has only increased during this qurantine so cuddles to each and every single one of you!”. 

Stephanie, fulltime mom blogger, would like to put her best friend in the spotlight.

She found out a few years ago that she was unexpectedly pregnant. From one day to the next they told her she was already seven months pregnant. Although her best friend was still busy in college and her partner had just finished high school, they succeeded. Seven years later they not only raised a beautiful daughter, but welcomed the family a second daughter, this time planned. In the early weeks of Stephanie’s motherhood she had a lot to offer her best friend and she will never forget that.

“Thanks for being such a good example to me. For supporting me and helping me when I needed it. Thanks for letting me discover my own way in motherhood and convincing me every time that I was better than I thought I was. I can only hope that someday I will be able to do the same for her, because even now she doesn’t even realize how a wonderful mom she really is”.

Julie, all-around blogger and storyteller, chooses her own mother after all.

Her mother took on both roles, that of mother and father.”In spite of the hard times we went through, she was always there for me and my sister. She always gave all the love and support.” Julie admires her mother’s strength. Her mother keeps shifting backwards. Waking up in the morning and her emotions on hold so she could focus fully on her children. “She’s not just a mother, she’s my very best friend. I can say anything to her, whatever it is, she doesn’t judge me.”

Cindy, Blogzine’s founder and traveler, says her mom is her best friend.

“From as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an incredible band with my mom. Especially since I moved out of the house. We call and talk to each other on a daily base, and we tell each other everything! Yes, everything. Even taboo topics which I sometimes only tell my best friend Angelo. If he knows it, she definitely knows it too.

Even if it can be awkward sometimes, as we are two crazy heads, I wouldn’t want any other mom in the world. Her (stubborn) character, motivation and independence, are until today the reason why she’s such a role model for me.”

Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother. 

We don’t have to tell you that Mommy’s special anymore. Whether it’s your own mom, the single moms, the full-time working moms, the stay-at-home moms. The mothers who have not yet met their child because of nature, or the stepmothers who lovingly care for a child that is not biologically theirs. At Blogzine we’re convinced that moms dominate the world.

This article has been written by Stephanie De Vroe from @SMOTHERHOODS

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