7 amazing ideas to turn your garden into the ultimate hang out spot

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Your garden is basically an extension of your indoor living space. So now that the weather is getting better and summer is getting closer, it’s time to show some extra love to it. Depending on your lifestyle, its a place where you can relax, spend quality time with your family or entertain your friends all while enjoying the outdoors. Suryani will give you some ideas on how you can turn your garden into your own personal getaway. 

1. 50 shades of green

A garden without plants is like a bar without beer. They’re a real must have to make your garden look inviting and interesting. Choose your plants wisely according to how much sunlight they need and the amount of maintenance you are willing to do.

With flowering bushes you can create the most beautiful colour palette that matches your furniture or accessoiries. However, they usually demand a lot of care and attention so if you don’t really have green fingers, you can also opt for some ornamental grasses. They grow quickly and hardly need any maintenance. By using potted plants you add some dimension. Mix and match flower pot designs and play with different plants heights and textures for a super stylish effect.

If you have room for it, you can also consider planting a beautiful tree. This not only adds a focal point to your garden but once it’s fully grown, it also provides some well-needed shade for those hot summer days.

Also, if you are like me a real mosquito magnet, then plant some lemon grass. It grows easily and it keeps those annoying bugs far away. Thank you, don’t come again!

2. Eat, sit, relax, repeat…

One of the main purposes of your garden is to relax and to have a nice outdoor meal. So invest in some stylish furniture that are also durable and weather proof. There are many styles and materials to choose from: wood, metal, synthetic wicker,… 

Choose a neutral dining and lounge set and finish it off with some colourful accessories. That way you can change the whole look of your outdoor living space by simply adding some different new accessories. If you don’t have a lot of space, then maybe a cute bistro set and a seat made out of wooden pallets might be something for you.

Besides the obvious accessories, like seat cushions and an umbrella, also think of things like an outdoor rug, some (faux) sheepskins to hang over your chairs or bench. Then add a few cool lanterns and lots of decorative cushions to create the perfect outdoor living room.

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3. Hang in there

For an instant holiday vibe you really need a hammock in your life! Hang one between two trees and take a relaxing afternoon nap or simply gaze at the clouds. Throw in a nice cocktail and a strawhat and who cares anymore that we can’t go abroad this summer?

For a boho chic look you can hang up an outdoor egg chair: imagine curling up in a bunch of cushions in it with a good book. So cosy! If you choose one with a stand, you can even place it anywhere you want. 

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4. Play hard

If you have kids, you can’t go without a playing area where they can let some steam off evert now and then. Wether it’s a wooden climbing frame, a playhouse, a trampoline or a swing in a tree, your kids will be forever grateful and will undoubtedly have hours and hours of fun there.

Look for the perfect spot, sunny but also with some shade, and make it an inviting area for your little ones. If you have room for it, don’t stop at one or two playing items but make a nice collection of some cool toys so that your kids really feel that that they have their own special space. For example, a tipi is the perfect hideaway and can easily be put up.

5. Splash it!

What’s more relaxing than having a water feature in your garden? Choose something that matches your style and budget. If you’re looking for something elegant, you can install a minimalistic fountain to fill your outdoor space with the sound of running water. You can also opt for a little (fishing) pond if you’re looking for something more natural that blends in with the environment.

And of course, let’s not forget about a pool. Who doesn’t dream about taking a refreshing splash in their own swimming pool? Not to forget of all the water fun you’ll have!

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6. All fired up

There’s nothing more cozy then sit on talking after a good meal with family or friends. Even more so when you’re all gathered around a soft crackling fire. You have all kinds of fire bowls: of course, everybody knows the basic sturdy ones but nowadays there are also some more designlike bowls.

If you’re not really a fan of the smell and smoke that comes along with a regular fire, then you might want to buy a fire pit that burns gel fuel. They don’t give as much heat but you have them in all sort of shapes and styles so you’ll definitely find one to your taste. They’re very versatile and some models are easy to carry so they can be placed just about anywhere in your garden.

Fill up the reservoir with some fuel, then simply set it on fire with a gas lighter and within seconds you can enjoy a nice fire. Once all the gel is burned, the flame puts itself out.

7. And then there was light

If you also like to chill out in your garden in the evening then you’ll need some lighting. You can accentuate certain parts of your garden with some nice solar lights. Or light up a pathway so that your guest don’t stumble.

Hang up some fairy lights or a light bubble garland to create a warm and cosy ambience. If you want a more design touch then you can place some led lights (cubes or balls) onto your terrace. Play with different sizes and arrangement to give it a nice twist!

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Did you decorate your garden with one of our ideas? Or do you have some amazing suggestions as well? Share them with us! We would love to see your garden decorations.

This article has been written by @SURYANI SIX

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