6 ways to make learning to write fun

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In kindergarten, children are already taught how to write. This is where the foundation for the 1st grade is laid. Drawing (over) patterns. The pen grip, learning to write name. The message from the start is: practice, practice, practice. But how? You don’t want a child to get tired of school. What if you could turn practicing into a fun activity? We give you some ideas from Studio Glitter en Goud.

What we learn becomes a part of who we are.  Make it fun!

Make patterns an adventure

Draw patterns with sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk. Create a trail with the child using shark teeth and waves from the sea. Draw a hopscotch path or a snail. When you are done drawing, have adventures along the trail. Double the fun: drawing on a surface other than a table top and then a real course to walk and hopscotch.

Tip: You can also create a course indoors. You can draw the course on cardboard (reuse shipping boxes).

Letters in salt

Take a dish or tray. Sprinkle a bottom of salt. Letters can be formed in the salt with a spoon or by hand yourself. Attach a card with a pattern, letter or a word to the saucer. Have the child transcribe the contents into the salt. Or dictate a letter, have the child write and visa versa. Have the child say a letter or word and you write in the salt. After effort comes relaxation. Feel free to let your creativity run wild and make drawings in the salt together. A fun way to practice motor skills and while strengthening your bond. Of course, a child can also do this alone or together with another child.

Tip: no salt in the house? Then use white sand from the sandbox.

Letter biscuits

Make it a baking afternoon. Make a cookie dough, roll it out, and together with the children, cut out letters. Have them make their name or a funny sentence. When the cookies come out of the oven, let them cool. Decorate the cookies in different colors? You can use rolfondant for this. You can use piping gel (edible glue) to stick the rolfondant on the cookies.

Tip: Don’t like making cookies? Then use air-drying clay. When the clay is dry it can be painted.

Window poems

Find a nice poem or make up a fun rhyme together that fits the current season. Have the child write the text on the window with window markers or a chalk marker. Or write the text yourself and let the child make drawings that match the theme. That way you have happy decorated windows and also practiced rhymes and writing. 

Magical letters

Write on a white sheet of drawing paper with white crayons (wasco type). Choose a letter, a word or a sentence. Then prepare different colors of watercolor along with a paintbrush and water. Have the child conjure up the invisible letters by painting areas over the letters. Be sure to watch the little magician’s wonder as the letters emerge. Pure magic.

Quest for words

Write or print sentences on a sheet and cut them out. Or if you are in a creative mood yourself. Cut out letters or words from magazines and newspapers. Make a treasure map of your house and hide the words under the closet, in a toy box or in a coat. Mark on the treasure map where a word is hidden.

When all are found a sentence can be formed. Make it a funny text or a task. Or make it a second treasure map. So that the children again search for the spoils of a real treasure. Hide a box containing candies, cookies or another gadget. A fun activity during rainy days or when friends are visiting.

Don’t forget to enjoy the amazed cheers and the twinkle in your children’s eyes when they are succesful during these activities. Look at it as a fun activity not as a chore. Make it a family moment. A moment to connect. A moment of happiness. What idea will you try out? Share on social media with the #livehappinessmoments. Have fun!

This article has been written in collaboration with Studio Glitter en Goud

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