5 Webshops for Lovers of Unique Cocktail Glasses

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Would you like to surprise your guests with a delicious homemade cocktail in a fantastically beautiful and original cocktail glass? We got you! We went looking for the best webshops and listed our favorite pieces.

Sip back and relax.

But do it with style!

For one whole month during Tournée Minerale we inspired you with the most delicious recipes to enjoy alcohol-free. Now that the month is over, you can choose whether your next cocktail will be with or without alcohol. Whatever your choice, a cocktail served in a beautiful glass makes the experience that much more special. We searched for you for the best webshops in the Benelux with the most beautiful cocktail glasses.

Panache Koksijde

Panache Koksijde has been a household name in Koksijde and the surrounding area for more than 20 years. In their store (and online store) you will find the finest equipment to take your cooking experience to a higher level. You will also find accessories to make your home a lot cozier. We were already impressed by their collection of glasses for cocktail lovers. 

Our favorites are the Glace Longdrink and Glace Cocktailschaal. They are handmade and are reminiscent of a glass that has stood overnight in the freezing cold and cracked. Perfect for pouring a cocktail served icy cold.

Photo Credits: Panache Koksijde


Bcosy is an almost exclusively Belgian webshop and represents the J-Line brand. Despite being a webshop, the mission of owners Mieke and Filiep is to exceed the standard expectations of a store. They do this thanks to extensive product knowledge and advice, combined with a passion for their product and pleasure in their work.

Our favorite glasses are the long drink J-Line Mona glasses. You can find them at Bcosy in a set of 6 glasses either in blue or burgundy.

Photo Credits: Bcosy.fr


Xenos is a bargain paradise where you are constantly surprised by fun and always low-priced items that are cozy original. Because ‘Xenos’ is Greek for ‘stranger, or of strange origin’. Everything you find in their store and webshop is therefore just that little bit different. 

We are huge fans of the classic Moscow Mule cocktail and this cocktail cup is perfect for that. The cup is pink in color with a golden handle and has a capacity of 500 ml.

Photo Credits: Xenos


Web store fonQ has roots just across the border, but also has its own Belgian webshop. It is a home furnishing store with a wide assortment, choice assistance and, above all, lots of inspiration. For the past two years, the webshop has won awards as ‘Best webshop’ in 2021 or ‘Best webshop category living’ in 2022.

Our favorites are these beautiful, Amber glasses from Broste Copenhagen. They are mouth blown and hand crafted, so each glass is unique. You buy them at Fonq in a set of 4, delivered with a gift box. We also absolutely love this set of 2 stylish champagne glasses. Made of colored, pink glass.

Photo Credits: fonQ.be


Sisters Katrien and Karolien love aperitifs, coziness and like to look well-groomed. They combined all these elements in their webshop Māsas. With their webshop, the sisters want to make sure that you can easily put your snacks on the table in the nicest way, serve your drinks in the nicest glasses and transform your living room into the cosiest room.

We fell in love with this beautiful cocktail glass set on base. They are made of glass and have a capacity of 300ml. Their long drink glass set with a capacity of 350ml per glass also caught our attention.

Photo Credits: Māsas

Make your next cocktail moment a real experience and show your guests that you are a true expert. Conjure the most beautiful cocktails in the most beautiful glasses and share your creations with us via @blogzine.be, #mycocktailmoment and #mijncocktailmoment.

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