5 Ways to Prevent a Burn-Out

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Are you ready for a new set of hints by our columnist Ellen Van den Branden? Today she shares with you 5 ways for you to prevent you from heading towards a toxic burn-out. 

1. Be nice to yourself

Accept who you are. We are under enormous pressure these days and that pressure is only increasing, partly because of the whole COVID thing. No one is perfect, everyone has limitations. Don’t set the bar too high and be nice to yourself!

2. Forget about the ‘I have to’

Do you want to prevent a burn-out? Then stop listening to your inner voice: I ‘must’ do that now, I ‘have to’ help the children with their homework, I ‘still need to’ do the household, … Pay attention to what you see, hear, smell and bring your attention to the here and now. Be aware that only you impose this on yourself and that it’s up to you to consciously choose to do things differently or even not to do them at all. Try not to do something today and you’ll be amazed at how the world is still spinning around.

3. Speak up today

Talk to your employer. There is no bad or wrong in letting him or her know that you need some breathing space. Many people don’t dare to come out for their feelings towards their superior, because of fear! Fear to be replaced. Show your vulnerability. Ask for suggestions or guidelines. 

4. Move your feet 

By moving, you increase your energy level and perseverance. Sport distracts and calms you down. In addition, healthy fatigue improves sleep. So, move your feet, put on your walking shoes and get some fresh air outdoors!

5. Keep marbles in a jar

At the beginning of your working day, put a glass jar of marbles next to you and this during all working days. Each marble you put in it represents a moment of self-care: e.g. 10h coffee break, 13h lunch break, 15h short outdoor walk of 15 minutes,… Take out a marble every time you skip a self-care moment. Set yourself weekly goals and give yourself a reward for achieving your goals at the end of the week.

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This article has been written by Ellen Van den branden for Time2Reconnect

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