5 Tips on Taking Care of your Precious Jewelry

Credits: Keelin Design

Nothing more sad than your favourite piece of jewelry that loses its shine or gets broken, isn’t it?  We asked jewelry maker Ellen some tips about how to avoid this heartbreak. Read along if you want to know how you can take care of your precious jewelry.

If your jewelry collection is not just made of real gold and diamonds, your jewelry will eventually discolor or perish in some way. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent this. However, by applying some simple tips, your jewelry will last longer and you can enjoy your favorite items for many years. 

“Keep your jewelry -and you- shining!” 

1. Keep your jewelry away from chemicals

Exposure to chemicals can cause discoloration or damage them by chemical reaction. Even everyday substances like creams, hairspray, perfume or other cosmetics can permanently damages the surface of your jewelry. 

2. Be careful with light and heat

Even small and fine jewelry should be removed before showering, exercising, washing dishes and sleeping. Heat and moisture cause the materials from which the jewelry is made to decay faster. Glue lets go, metal can discolor or oxidize.

Just as the sun can damage our skin, light can also affect your jewelry. Therefor I recommend to store your jewelry in a dark and dry place. This allows them to retain their color for longer. 

3. Coated steel wire jewelry

Jewelry made of coated steel wire can easily bend. It is important that no kinks are made in the thread so that the piece of jewelry retains its original shape. Therefore, choose to hang the jewelry or store it flat. 

4. Safe is always better than sorry 

Check your jewelry on regularly bases to make sure that all ‘eyes’ are still tightly closed. These can open by wearing.There is nothing worse then coming home after a day out and finding your favorite pair of earrings, necklace or bracelet missing a pendant.You can gently close the ‘eyes’ with a flat-jawed pliers, or contact your favorite jewelry store for repair services. 

5. Proper jewelry storage

Not only cleaning your jewelry is important if you want to enjoy your favorite jewelry pieces for many years. Proper jewelry storage is just as important. Jewelry should never be tossed into a drawer, that’s just asking for scratches and damaged pieces. But don’t worry, proper jewelry storage doesn’t have to be very expensive. All you need is something soft or something that stores your jewelry individually. 

When buying jewelry at Ellen’s shop Keelin Design, you always get a little jewelry box or pouch with every jewel. As simple as it is: this is the perfect place to store your jewels. Also when traveling, it is your jewel’s best friend. 

Made with care, to wear with love!

Ellen understands that you want to enjoy your favorite jewelry pieces for as long as possible. Therefor you can shop some “handy helpers” to store and maintain your jewelry in the best way on her webshop:

With the jewelry displays you can store your favorite jewelry in style. Present them as in your favorite jewelry store and choose your favorite jewels with ease every morning.

Essential for you as a jewelry lover is the Hagerty Mini Silver & Jewel Cloth. Your must-have cleaning tool in a handy take-away format. When owning a lot of brass jewelry, the special file for cleaning and polishing brass jewelry is also a must-have tool for your collection. 

Are you always loosing your earing backs? No worries, they’ve got you covered. Ellen always sends a spare pair of transparent earring backs when buying a pair of earrings. But you can also buy a set of 10 pairs extra, just to make sure you will never go without. 

The message of today’s article is clear: Buy… Wear… Love… Store… Maintain… Enjoy… Shine! Safe is always better than sorry.

This article has been written in collaboration with Keelin Design

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