5 tips for a boredom-free vacation with children

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Vacations, the time to relax and enjoy your family for a while. It all sounds very nice but when you go on vacation with children it can sometimes be stressful. What if the weather is bad? What are we going to do? If we keep hearing the words “mommmm I’m bored!” over and over, the fun is usually missing. Prepare yourself with these 5 amazing tips to keep your kids from getting bored. 

We go on vacation and we take…

#1. A little suitcase with a DIY assignment

Get a personalizable children’s suitcase with your child’s name. Fill it with some fun activity packets. The mini creative package memory is an ideal project for traveling. The pack contains a memory game with fun images that still need to be colored. There are some markers in it to color the playing pieces. The nice thing is that after coloring the fun is not over yet; you can play the game with the whole family. 

Tip: make coloring the game extra fun by playing with the game pieces that still need to be colored. Each pair won can be colored by the finder of the pair. This way you can transform a mini creative package into a creative afternoon full of fun and games for the whole family. Moments of happiness guaranteed.

#2. An extra large coloring sheet

If there are children of different ages coming along on vacation and you want them to do something together. You can opt for an extra big coloring page of 1m by 70 cm. Hours of coloring fun guaranteed. The dinosaurs in the drawing are full of little jokes and details. Great to hear the kids laughing about the drawings and see them enjoying coloring. When the drawing is finished you take them home, frame them and you have a wonderful memory of the vacation. Every time you walk past the frame with the drawing, a small moment of happiness comes up because you can hear that sweet smile of your child again while discovering the coloring page.

#3. A single backpack for everyone

A backpack can come in handy when you go swimming, hiking or a quick errand. Choose a different backpack for each child and let them personalize it with, for example, fabric markers. This way each has his own backpack to take care of during the vacations. No arguments about who wants to carry which backpack. You now already have backpacks for the swim class next school year.

#4. A do box

Take a box that doesn’t take up much space with a paper crafting set. The set contains materials to make a real travel journal of the vacation, a memory game to color and play afterwards and a blank puzzle so your kid can draw a picture on it and then puzzle. It’s a perfect idea to take with you even if you have several kids along. The set also includes markers, stamps, stamping ink, stickers and foam stickers. Boredom is not an option with this box.

Tip: Challenge your child and let them make up a story about an animal family that also goes on vacation and experiences the same adventures as you. In the blank book the story can be created. A fun activity and if the summer months are a fuzzy memory your child can fill their heart with moments of happiness as they re-read and relive their own story.

#5. A DIY-box for yourself

Who said crafting is for kids only, has never bought one of these amazing DIY sets for adults. You choose between all-in-one package for doing macramé, weaving or watercoloring. One package contains everything you need to complete the project. The box does not take up much room, so you can easily take the project to the playground and work on it during a picnic or seated on a bench. There is a handy step-by-step plan in each box and you can always scan the QR code for a sample video if you get tangled up with the technique. Come home with a souvenir of your own making.

Don’t forget to enjoy the moment. The creative moments are there to connect in a fun way, to let your kids enjoy themselves creatively and not the perfection of coloring within the lines, using the right colors or that everything runs like clockwork. Let go of perfection and you will have beautiful works of art and fine moments of happiness to frame. 

Would you like to have your children practice for school in a fun playful way? Then read our previous blog. You can apply the tips perfectly during and on the vacations.

This article has been written in collaboration with Studio Glitter en Goud

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