5 advantages of exercising you probably didn’t know

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Everyone knows by now that exercise is healthy. Yet, not everyone moves enough. Maybe the next five reasons make you move more.

I like how when I workout, my brain makes drugs

1. More energy

When I’m to busy to work out for a couple of weeks, I feel so unhappy. So, do you feel sluggish and you really can’t drag yourself off the couch to take action? Well, realize that your body is triggered by movement. Your heart and lungs are put to work and among other things your blood circulation improves. After a few weeks of regular exercise you feel more energetic. So try to make a workout plan and stick to it! That’s the way I do it.

2. Good for your brain and memory

Various studies have shown that the brain benefits from regular exercise. It is not entirely clear why it is exactly so. Maybe it’,s because exercising stimulate your blood circulation, so more oxygen enters your brain. I’m not a doctor, but this makes sense right?

3. More desire for sex

Believe it or not: active people are more active in bed. According to scientists, the explanation is simple: athletes have more self-confidence and are satisfied with their bodies. In addition, a lot of exercise in men reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction.

4. Menstrual pain

Good news for all the ladies out there: regular exercise reduces premenstrual pains. This is because the substance endorphin is released while working out. It softens the pain and has a calming effect. And do you want to hear another great advantage of exercising while you’re on you periods? When you move during the last phase of the menstrual cycle you burn more fat! You can also exercise longer in that phase without getting tired. How cool is that?

5. Less stress

I have a really stressful life and that’s why I need my workouts. By exercising, your body produces endorphins and serotonin, among other important hormones. Both are known as lucky hormones.

So if you have a hard, exhausting day and you don’t know why you should get up and go for a run, thinks of the positive sides of your workout!

This article has been written by @NASRIEN CNOPS

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