3 inspiring styles you can buy from your couch

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Because the weather outside is still bad, we spend more time inside than usual. Luckily we don’t have to stop shopping, because asos has everything you need. Our men’s editor Angelo has gathered some inspiration for your next buy (secretly for him as well, we are sure of it). 

“I could stop shopping, but I think it’s so unfair to all those beautiful pieces waiting for me”

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Oversized knits

It looks like we haven’t been rid of the strong winds and storms yet. The perfect excuse to get a few extra sweaters, don’t you think? We are all hot (pun intended) for oversized knitwear. Nothing says comfortable and cozy more than a chunky cable knit or a funnel neck jumper. Combine it with a pair of slim jeans and sneakers and you have the perfect look. 

Discover our @ASOS selection here

Inspiring Suits 

Of course, we all dream beyond the bad weather that keeps us inside. Soon our agendas will be filled with parties and events once more. That is why we are convinced that no man’s wardrobe is ever complete without a costume to go to those events in style. But it doesn’t always have to be black, blue or grey. At blogzine we fell in love with these surprising ones. 

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Turquoise & purple combo

Striking colour combinations, we love that! This season you will find sweaters, t-shirts, shoes and other accessories in the fun colour combination: turquoise & purple. From soft pastels to vibrant shades these two colours match heavenly together.

Not a big fan of a complete look in those two striking colours? Then just go for an accessory and match it with grey trousers, or a white tee. Just try it and see what works best for you. 

Even if the weather is trying to keep us inside, there’s no need for us not to shop. Especially because there are so many wonderful things waiting for us. So go and enjoy joy shopping with a warm drink next to the fireplace. And let us all dream of better days, with loads of new beautiful pieces of clothing. 

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