3 effective styling tips for getting dressed last minute

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You’re sitting around the house and suddenly your friend calls you and tells you to be ready 10 minutes. What do you often say? “No… I have nothing to wear!” But thanks to our 3 styling tips, this is a thing of the past.

Dressing well is a form of good manners

Putting together a last-minute outfit can sometimes be very stressful, but no need to panic! We got you covered with a couple of simple styling tips.

The basics

No matter where you’re going, a good bottom piece is essential in creating a cute spring season outfit. Especially when you don’t know where you’ll end up. To play it safe and stylish you can take a lightly frayed denim skirt and match that with a a basic white top or bodysuit.

By assembling basic neutral pieces you have a lot of room for more personal accessories. To top it off you can pair it with an oversized big knit sweater just in case you’re having too much fun to go home early because being prepared is better than being cold.

1. Monki Cardigan, 48.99€ // 2. NA-KD Strap Body, 24,99€ // 3. Stradivarius Denim Skirt, 17,99€

Make a statement

We all have days we don’t have enough inspiration to put together a well-matched outfit. But it’s in times like these that the statement pieces come in handy.

That statement piece doesn’t always have to be a clothing item, it can be a hat, a cute bag or maybe just some jewellery. In other words, it can be anything that makes you feel empowered. A good example is the leather blazer or some lace up sandal heels or even a chunky waist belt. Anything is possible if you make it stand out.

1. MissGuided Faux Leather Blazer, 58,99€ // 2. Simmi London Sandals, 48,99€. // 3. Asos Waist Belt, 9,99€

Don’t forget the details

The details of an outfit are even more important than the pieces of clothing that you use. That’s why we picked a couple of our preferred accessories to take any outfit from bad to boujee. Like this beautifull brown fedora hat that takes this basic neutral outfit to a higher level.

All the pieces pair up elegantly with some gold jewellery like this charming multirow necklace with mixed chains in combination with a more classic brown bag you have a full outfit that can be worn to many different locations and for many occasions.

We can conclude that it doesn’t always have to be a struggle to get dressed. With a couple of basic clothing items and a couple of fun accessories you’ll be ready to take over and make the best of your day.

All the listed items can be found on the ASOS website.

This article has been written by our intern Negar Salehi

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