2020, the rotten year, how to turn it around?

Credits: Time2Reconnect

At the end of the year, it is an annual habit to make a summary of the running period and dare to dream of the future. Not a single year has so much happened at once and not a single year has we dared to map out the future with so much fear. 

2020 is/was a rotten year, one that we would like to forget as soon as possible. It didn’t start off too well, with forest fires that turned the whole world upside down and then the news that laid the whole world to rest, COVID-19. Followed by lockdown 1 with the silent, painful death of the Flemish culture sector and then lockdown 2.0 that evaporated the last drops of hope of the hospitality and beauty sector.

Never before have I heard so many calls around me from entrepreneurs in need, staff members who (rightly) feared for their job and their income. But also the students who were left to their own devices. They all had one thing in common: no perspective of when things would get better again.

I hardly dare to ask, but I would still like to know: the figures for bankruptcies, the figures for visits to psychologists or admissions to psychiatric institutions, or those for the many suicides, or domestic violence, or children who are put on the street because they can no longer hide their identity and no longer wish to do so. Without knowing precise figures, I am already convinced that these figures will be much higher than before. 

This year has had a huge impact on our mental health. Where social media should bring us closer together, we have never felt so alone. Personal contacts were drastically reduced, for the good of course. It’s at moments like this that we realize how much energy we derive from personal contacts. We have lost the connection with ourselves and with each other.

Time for enlightenment?

Together with Ellen Van den Branden, Blogzine is working on a new project for everyone who has lost their way, for everyone who see no more light. Time 2 Reconnect is an experience week(end) designed to avoid burn-outs, to restore mental health, but above all to show that it’s ok to feel ‘not ok’.

During a Time 2 Reconnect two or three days you will learn to love yourself again. You will also learn how to shape the future and get tools to work on it with full courage. Nature brings peace, but also enlightenment. Trust in yourself and in each other, that’s what it’s all about.

Digital fatigue

Lately we’ve been using our smartphones and laptops more than ever to waltz through zoom calls, skype meetings or school tasks in groups. But there was no more real me-time. Time 2 Reconnect wants to teach you how to lovingly use your smartphone again for things that really do you good: mindfulness, mental relaxation, yoga and meditation. Find out more during the first online meditation session on December 27th. Upon registration you will also receive a personal meditation cushion from Captain Cork at your home, so you can continue to work on your inner peace afterwards.

Don’t wait any longer to find peace, to work on your mental health and to find the energy again to work on new projects. Together with Time2Reconnect we can offer you an exclusive discount of -100€ when using the code Blogzine. The code is valid on all experience weekends!

This article has been written by @ANGELOVERO for Time2Reconnect

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