10 inspiring male accounts you need to follow

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One thing is certain: the screen time of our smartphone is probably much higher than average now that we’re all at home. And for once we don’t have to feel bad because of that. On the contrary, our editor Angelo went looking for the 10 most inspiring male accounts in Belgium. Ready to like and swipe?! Go!

Checked my email, Facebook, IG and TikTok. Now I’m ready to start the day. Oh look, it’s lunch time!

TikTok legends

For a dose of humour, crazy challenges and even more online fun, there’s only one channel that counts these days: TikTok. And that’s where these three manage to score with their funny videos. So it’s only right to count them in this list of inspiring male accounts to follow:

1. Michiel Callebaut
2. Marco Rondas
3. Nockx

Inspiring male Lifestyle

Homme Sauvage, Ascari brings men’s style, fashion and grooming through his feed. His account caters to every man who wants to look stylish with a hint of nonchalance. 

For those who have difficulty finding a healthy balance between eating and sports these days, fortunately there is the account Kjell Jansen. He lost a lot of kilos himself and promotes his favourite, healthy dishes and sports routines through Instagram.

Dreaming of Traveling

Although it seems unlikely for the time being that we will be able to travel back soon, we can still hope and dream. 
Het is de Merckx, is a Belgian travel blog full of practical tips. Also on Instagram and Youtube Yannick doesn’t drop any stitches. Wonderful and inspiring images make our mouth water and make us dream of long, faraway journeys. Bonus: Yannick recently started posting behind the scenes on TikTok.

For more travel inspiration you can also visit CheckoutsamTjoolaard and Reistebrij. They make fantastic articles about their travels and are only too happy to share their experiences.

Our own Angeloveroofficial also likes to share beautiful pictures of his travels on his Instagram. 

Our Neighbours

Dutchman Govert Sweep takes over Youtube with exciting videos. With his camera he travels the world in search of the most surprising and challenging adventures.

Londoner ByOllieB shows his best Photoshop skills with his unique edits. You won’t find a single boring photo on Ollie’s Instagram account. On TikTok he also manages to score with funny voiceovers and impressions of Disney characters, among others. 

Blogzine.be is not responsible if you have developed a social media addiction after visiting all these accounts. Although we do advise you to exchange your smartphone once in a while for a conversation with the people at home.  You’ll see: they’re not that bad!

This article has been written by @ANGELOVEROOFFICIAL

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